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Have you ever dreamed of making your own world with your own rules? I guess, we all have these fantasies that can’t be true. Well, this is not the case every time. WorldBox Mod Apk is here to fulfill this fantasy and turn it into reality. Don’t be overwhelmed. It’s a simulation of reality.

WorldBox: Sandbox God Simulator allows you to create your own world and role-play as a God. Gamers will get an opportunity to create life, specie, landscapes, mountains, and much more according to their will. Learn how the world has evolved in all these years while shaping it according to your fantasies.

Additional Information About WorldBox Mod Apk

App NameWorldBox Mod Apk
Compatible Android 5.0+
Latest Versionv0.22.11
Size84 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/Premium Unlocked)
DeveloperMaxim Karpenko
Google PlayDownload Apk

Features of WorldBox Mod Apk Sandbox

Unlock All Traits

One re¬≠markable feature of WorldBox Mod Apk is the¬≠ ability to unclose all traits. These traits dete¬≠rmine the characteristics and be¬≠haviors of the virtual world‚Äôs inhabitants, allowing players to expe¬≠riment and assign unique qualities to the¬≠ir creations. 

This adds diversity and enhance­s gameplay experie­nce by enabling fascinating interactions and dynamics within virtual civilizations. Witne­ssing the unfolding stories becomes even more captivating whe­n all traits are unlocked.

Unlimited Shopping

The mod menu introduces Worldbox mod apk unlimited shopping. This exciting addition grants playe­rs infinite purchasing power, allowing them to acquire­ any desired item, structure, or resource without being re­stricted by financial limitations.

Consequently, this re­markable free premium feature e­nables the rapid growth and expansion of virtual civilizations as playe­rs are now empowere­d to construct impressive cities, fortre­sses, and other awe-inspiring structure­s without concerns about the scarcity of resources or in-game­ currency restrictions.

Unlock All Powers

WorldBox Mod Apk, offers players a remarkable¬≠ ability to uncover all powers within the game. The¬≠se powers possess e¬≠xtraordinary capabilities that allow players to shape the¬≠ir virtual world, influence its environme¬≠nt, and impact its inhabitants. 

By unlocking these free powers, playe¬≠rs gain access to a diverse range¬≠ of abilities, including controlling the weather, summoning cre¬≠atures, instigating natural disasters, and more. 

This exciting feature expands cre­ative possibilities and enables players to experience with the profound effects the­ir powers have on their virtual re­alm. Moreover, create your own city with block city wars mod apk.

Unlimited Money

The modded WorldBox hack apk grants players limitless funds, re¬≠moving financial constraints and empowering them to fre¬≠ely invest in various aspects of the¬≠ir virtual realm. 

With this boundless wealth at the¬≠ir disposal, players can easily finance construction proje¬≠cts, acquire resources, and bolste¬≠r the growth and developme¬≠nt of their civilization. 

This remarkable fe­ature enables swift progre­ss and allows unprecedente­d opportunities for grand-scale ende­avors and ambitious undertakings.

Unlock All Weapons

WorldBox apk mod introduces a mod fe¬≠ature that reveals all weapons, granting players acce¬≠ss to an extensive arse¬≠nal. Whether it‚Äôs the classic swords and bows or cutting-e¬≠dge technological weaponry, civilizations can be¬≠ equipped with a diverse¬≠ range of arms for defense¬≠ against threats or engageme¬≠nt in battles. 

The mod version enhances the­ strategic eleme­nts of the game, empowe­ring players to shape conflict dynamics and dete­rmine the outcomes of confrontations. Explore Dead Trigger 2 mod apk, another action simulator mod apk for free.

It is a free pixel art world developed by Maxim Karpenko. The game has already achieved the milestone of 10 million downloads which shows gamers around the globe love it. The game is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and perfectly operates in offline mode.

The Gameplay of Worldbox Premium Apk Simulation Game

For Android gamers, world box hack apk put forward intuitive game mechanics with an exciting journey to follow. Take a chance to be the God of your own pixel world. That being said, you have to create a world by defining the parameters on the map and adding different islands, mountains, or seas to make it beautiful.

Worldbox mod apk latest version has in-depth game dynamics for the players. You will find yourselves in the complex decision of determining the height of hills and oceans. Players can create and expand the map according to their liking. Further, develop a specie with magical powers because creativity has no limit in the world box.

worldbox free download

In addition to the creation of land, create other creatures on the planet and watch them prosper. The new civilization will develop, and as a result, the world will evolve. Roads and infrastructures will be made. Development is the only option for God. Constructive destruction is also mandatory. Destroy the lands with acid rains and erupted volcanoes or tornadoes. Provide creatures a chance to prosper again and support them to create new communities. Similarly, nourish your creatures with Evacreo mod apk with unlimited resources,

Salient Features of World box Mod Apk Unlock all traits

Those who are interested can explore more details of Worldbox game. It has much more to offer its users.

worldbox premium unlocked

Straightforward Controls

I can‚Äôt think of any other better word for its control. It perfectly defines the controls. The game is beginner-friendly. if you are trying simulation games and are new to these types of games then you would find it your best choice. The controls are displayed on the bottom of the mobile screens for the user‚Äôs ease. You will see the small colorful icons for all the essential operations. 

Plus, the best part is you don’t need any guide for it. The icons are self-explanatory. To create the human, go to the specified tab and click on the human icon. Similarly, all other function is represented with adorable emojis for your ease.

Develop an Animal Ecosystem

We all agree animals and insects are a dominant part of nature. They make this world ravishing. To make your planet attractive create unique creatures with beautiful colors and powers. You have the power to create different animal species so get creative with it. 

Unfold your imagination with magical creatures. Wolves, spawn sheep, dwarves, orks, and elfs to name a few. All these are available to build the animal ecosystem. Equip them with different powers and abilities that have never seen before. Consider downloading another interesting simulation game zenonia 5 mod apk.

Create a New Planet

God is recognized by his creations. Gamers will themselves be in the dilemma of creating the world and managing its affairs. I am certain, that this task is itself a huge challenge. You can create a world identical to the original world or add imaginative stuff. Everything on the planet needs to be defined. Continents and islands will be defined by the boundaries. You have to provide support to creatures to survive and prosper by controlling climate change.

worldbox powerbox

Craft New Civilization

You can create creatures like humans, wolves, or dwarves and select the representative of every creature. Populate each creature in a selected area or continent defined by the boundary. When you can watch their activities through the bird’s eye view. When you will zoom in on the map, you will observe humans will be creating buildings and roads. Meanwhile, other creatures will be harvesting the crops. Moreover, make your own business in food street mod apk simulation

Destroy the Planet

Play Worldbox premium mod apk that allows you to perform creative destruction on the planet. Check out the option of mass destructive option in the menu. You will find various options to destroy the planet. Bring a tsunami, tornado, or mass flood to bring everything to the ground. You can select the natural disaster or manufacture your own type of disaster by combining two or more. Stimulate this disaster on one creature or land to rise civilization.

Graphics and Sound

Worldbox mod apk is designed in 2d graphics with colorful infographics. The game subjects are well-designed and clearly showcase their objective. Developers have paid attention to the details of planet maps and creatures‚Äô functions and customization. I personally like the icon features, the emojis are clear and self-explanatory. 

Although there are massive numbers of tools available in the game for creativity but the emojis make it easy to operate. The calm and playful music that runs in the background provides an optimal in-gaming experience. Download war robots mod apk to experience the thrilling 3D graphics.

Pros and Cons of Worldbox Hacks

We are here with the worldbox sandbox god simulator mod that is free to download and play. It enhances your gaming experience and give unlimited resources that are required to create the planet. The app at the play store includes the purchase option. Let’s be honest who wants to spend real money on such fun games?

But I know you want to enjoy all the premium features. Now, you don‚Äôt need to spend any dime to enjoy the premium. Plus, the mod app is ad-free. The original apk displays annoying ads that destroy the gaming experience. Enjoy the game to its fullest. However, the modified version doesn’t support online multiplayer mode for safety purposes.

Our team has tested all the mod features before uploading them to the website. The app functions properly and doesn’t give any errors. It’s completely safe to download also. Our team checks the download file with antivirus software for complete safety.

  • Free Shopping
  • Premium Unlocked
  • God Mode
  • Ad-free

How to Download Worldbox Mod Apk on Android?

  • First and foremost, uninstall the old version from your mobile devices and allow ‚Äúunknown source‚ÄĚ from the device setting. Follow this instruction:
  • Click on the given apk file download button
  • Install the app on your device
  • Follow the instruction given inside the app
  • Done, easy-peasy. Open your app and enjoy the game.

How to Download Worldbox Mod Apk on PC?

An Android emulator is necessary to download Android games on pc. Download Bluestacks or NOX player for this purpose.

  • Download the game with the button given.
  • Execute the file on your pc or click ‚ÄúImport from Windows‚ÄĚ
  • Click the launch button and play the worldbox


Worldbox Mod Apk is an impressive sandbox game simulator with simple control. Turn your imagination into reality and go wild with creativity. The game put forward a huge number of tools at your deposal to create and destroy the planet that runs according to your rules and will. 

I have tried my best to comprehend the essential aspects of the game. I hope you like the article and find it useful. To find more scope of world box mod apk, Download it now and play the game offline. If you face any issues in downloading the app or any error in the game then feel free to comment on the problem. Our team will immediately resolve the issue. Happy Downloading!

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