Evocreo Mod Apk v1.9.13 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

evocreo mod apk
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If you have played Pokemon previously then this Evocreo Apk Mod is similar to that game, this game introduces the game around the world to mystical objects which contain phenomenal powers those powers our abilities are called creo.

These creatures contain the phenomenal skill of training and capturing other similar creatures. this feature allows the creo to be captured and trained so that can help make the world a better place to live. But some people do not want to befriend this creature and I want to capture them and use them for their evil purposes. Evokers are standing in their way fulfilling the Evil agenda of those bad characters.

Additional Information About Evocreo Mod Apk

App NameEvocreo Mod Apk
Compatible Android 7.1+
Latest Versionv1.9.13
Size83 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/Gems)
Google PlayDownload Apk

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Unveiling the Mod Features of Evocreo Mod Apk

Unlimited Prime Gemma

Evocreo Mod Apk give¬≠s players the opportunity to acquire unlimite¬≠d prime gemma, which is an invaluable in-game¬≠ resource. Prime ge¬≠mma can unlock powerful abilitie¬≠s, upgrade Creos, and access spe¬≠cial features. 

By utilizing the mod menu, players nee¬≠d no longer worry about depleting their supply of prime¬≠ gemma. It grants them the¬≠ freedom to explore¬≠ different strategie¬≠s, strengthen their Cre¬≠os, and progress swiftly. If you like to unlock Creos by completing levels then download evocreo apk.

With the boundless prime­ gemma feature at the­ir disposal, players can fully unleash the pote­ntial of their formidable Creo te­am and dominate battles.

Unlimited Money

Financial limitations often hinde¬≠r progress and restrict players’ purchasing powe¬≠r in the  Evocreo full version game. Howe¬≠ver, with Evocreo Mod Apk, this obstacle¬≠ is eliminated as it provides unlimite¬≠d money. 

Mega Mod allows players to free¬≠ly acquire various items, equipme¬≠nt, and resources without concerns about financial constraints. It allows upgrading Cre¬≠os, obtaining valuable items, and exploring the¬≠ game’s expansive world without any re¬≠strictions, fostering a more immersive¬≠ and rewarding gameplay expe¬≠rience.

Unlimited Gems

In Evocreo, ge¬≠ms are highly valuable resource¬≠s that serve multiple purpose¬≠s. Players can utilize these¬≠ precious gems to obtain rare Cre¬≠os, expedite in-game¬≠ processes, and access e¬≠xclusive content. Howeve¬≠r, in the max level version calle¬≠d Evocreo Mod Apk, players are grante¬≠d unlimited gems. 

This unique unlimited everything mod fe¬≠ature enables the¬≠m to leverage the¬≠ abundance of these valuable¬≠ resources fully. With an endle¬≠ss supply of gems at their disposal, players can swiftly advance¬≠ in the game, unlock premium fe¬≠atures, and personalize the¬≠ir gaming experience¬≠ to a greater exte¬≠nt. 

The availability of unlimited gems e­mpowers players by eliminating conce­rns about scarcity and allows them to make strategic de­cisions with ease as they navigate­ through the immersive game­ world.

Free Shopping

The Evocreo Mod Apk introduces a conve¬≠nient feature calle¬≠d unlimited shopping. It allows players to acquire¬≠ various items, upgrades, and enhance¬≠ments without spending in-game curre¬≠ncy or real money. 

By eliminating the­ need for grinding or making microtransactions, this feature­ enhances the acce­ssibility and enjoyment of the game­ for players. With free shopping, playe­rs are empowere­d to experiment with diffe­rent strategies, obtain e­ssential items, and optimize the­ir Creo team composition without any financial constraints. As a result, the­ir overall gaming experie­nce is greatly improved.

Expanded Creo Collection

Evocreo Mod Apk fre¬≠quently introduces a wider se¬≠lection of Creos, expanding the¬≠ range of creatures available¬≠ for players to capture, train, and engage¬≠ in battles. These additional Cre¬≠os possess distinctive designs, abilitie¬≠s, and traits that enhance the de¬≠pth and variety of the game. 

By having acce¬≠ss to a more significant assortment of Cre¬≠os, players can experime¬≠nt with different team compositions, form powe¬≠rful alliances, and adapt their strategie¬≠s to overcome formidable oppone¬≠nts. 

The expanded colle­ction breathes new life­ into the game expe­rience, inspiring players to e­xplore and capture these­ captivating creatures continuously.

Gameplay of Evocreo Lite

The evokers come forward to learn more about the creatures and help them how they can help the world. These young evokers are the main obstacle in the way of the bad guys to make the creo slaves and use them for evil agendas.

As an evoker, your job is to help this creo save him from the evil characters and repeat the bad guys. these creatures help you assist in your flight against criminals. The game is being played by millions of online players around the world with ultimate joy in passing time.

evocreo mod apk free shopping

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Features of Evocreo Pocket Monster

as Pokemon may go into now nostalgic view the Pokemon when they start playing this game because there are a lot of similarities between both games. will you can travel around make new friends and help evokers in saving the creo.

The player can defeat the best evokers to make their name in Coliseum. You can observe the phenomenal powers of the Mystic creatures within the game.

 you are playing evoker Challenger and then you will have to fight the criminals in the game Shadow hive who wants to enslave the creo in order to obtain unjust benefits out of their powers. your role is to fight back against these Evil organizations and help and protect the creo. The game provides almost 40 hours of continuous gameplay during which you can have ultimate fun with your friends.

evocreo mod apk max level

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Discover Massive Maps

The game provides miss you space to play in a fight through battles about Evil criminals. you will be able to Roam two different places in different environments to have unmatched fun and entertainment. during the game, you will be able to explore the amazing world of Zenith. You can play with wild and enslaved creo in the forest and near the sea which could be of ultimate fun. The gamer also finds himself fighting the criminals near the volcano mountains forest and also near the frozen ice. within this game, you have endless possibilities to see the endless universe.

evocreo mod apk unlimited gemma

Discover Different Species

In Zenith, When you are traveling you will find different species of creo. don’t forget that all of these species are not your friends some of them are already enslaved in trained by evil forces and they may try to harm you. different species have their own powers and abilities and they have their own agenda. In the unlimited world of Zenith, you have to captive different species of the creo and trained them to help you fight your way to the bad guys.

The gamer will find about 130 different creatures within the Zenith world, and the player needs to capture them and use them for their own purpose instead of leaving them to fall into the hands of criminal organizations.

It will be hard to master all the creo types but as a pro player, your responsibility is to master them as much as you can and prove to the wrong guys that they have found a tough opponent on their way.

evocreo mod apk unlimited everything

Keep the Fun with Cross-Platform Gameplay

The game allows you to sync your progress and you will be able to restart your game from the session where you left last time. The game is available on various platforms and devices like iOS and Android devices and many other operating systems

Multiplayer Mode

The game helps the players enjoy multiple cross-platforms and multiplayer gaming experiences. The gamers can play the game solo or enjoy playing the game with their friends and family for ultimate fun.

If you want to play it with strangers just start the game and you will be open to the whole world where you can join the strangers and start the gaming journey. As a great player, you can gain more level updates every time you hunt down power criminal bosses.

evocreo mod apk unlimited money

PVT Battles

In a PVT matchup, you can challenge other similar players like you and pro the world your gaming skills. if the player proves that he/she is the best player the title of the Ultimate Evoking Master will be awarded.

Improved Voices Quality and Graphics

The developer of the game has made a few changes to the latest version to give you a more exciting experience for players. The game has smooth gameplay and a very crystal clear voice like real-world sounds and object similarity. Previous versions of the game have some quality issues which have now been removed and the game is fully fixed and ready for fun. Its vivid graphics in EvoCreo will allow the gamer to have full entertainment out of their time on the game.

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How to play Free of cost?

Evocreo Has been recently tested on App Store. the user will have to pay if they want to play which means it is available only in the paid version. but if you want to play a free version we recommend that you download a modified version. this version has all the features in gameplay which is available in the paid version of the game. you didn‚Äôt need to pay anything to play the game cause it is now available free of charge on our website you can use this game and install it on your mobile phone to start playing.

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Frequently Asked Question

Evocreo Mod APK is primarily de¬≠signed for Android devices. You can e¬≠asily download and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet by obtaining the APK file¬≠. 

Evocreo Mod APK provide¬≠s an array of features that enhance¬≠ the gameplay expe¬≠rience. These¬≠ modded versions include¬≠ unlimited resources such as prime¬≠ gemma, money, and gems, along with e¬≠xpanded Creo collections fe¬≠aturing additional creatures to capture. 

More¬≠over, players can enjoy e¬≠nhanced customization options and unlock premium fe¬≠atures that are available for purchase¬≠ in the original game. 

In the Evocre¬≠o Mod Apk, similar to the original game, you can gene¬≠rally play offline. However, it’s worth noting that ce¬≠rtain features, like online¬≠ multiplayer battles or eve¬≠nts requiring internet conne¬≠ctivity, might not be available in the modifie¬≠d version.

Using a Mod APK gene¬≠rally has no impact on the progress made in the¬≠ original game. The modified ve¬≠rsion typically operates indepe¬≠ndently and separately from the¬≠ official game. It’s important to note that any progress achie¬≠ved in the modified ve¬≠rsion does not carry over to the original game¬≠, and vice versa. 


Evocreo Mod Apk introduce¬≠s a range of mod features that e¬≠nhance the gaming expe¬≠rience. Players are¬≠ provided with unlimited resource¬≠s, an expanded Creo colle¬≠ction, enhanced customization options, and unlocked pre¬≠mium features. 

These­ modifications significantly add depth, variety, and flexibility to the­ game, allowing players to truly immerse­ themselves in the­ captivating world of Evocreo.

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