Block City Wars Mod Apk v7.3.0 (God Mode)

block city war mod apk
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  • v7.3.0
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Shooting games are liked by many people. Almost all players are familiar with all types of shooting games. Because they always keep searching for modern features. All game comes with different modes and features that create different feeling. Some games bring multiple modes that positively attract people.

If you are also looking for a shooting game that brings a joyful feeling for you, then Block City Wars Mod Apk will be the best choice for you. It is the most popular game in the whole world. It has gained a large number of downloaders in a minimum time.

Block City Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems are the same copy of GTA, but look different from pixel graphics. Players take hold of the whole city, complete given tasks, fly on the city by missile bags, through airplanes, and use another air journey. By performing best, players earn unlimited money and can use the money to upgrade their overall status.

Additional Information About Block City Wars Mod Apk

App NameBlock City Wars Mod Apk
Compatible Android 4.4
Latest Versionv7.3.0
Size53 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/God Mode)
Google PlayDownload Apk

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It attracts the fans of GTA and even has get popularity all over the shooting world. Block City Wars is specially developed for the all types of devices like mobile, PC, and tablets. After joining the game you have done many tasks, such as you will fight with bad guys and tracking down them, plundering, and fleeing the police.

Many interesting challenges are awaiting you. The not only game contains a large variety of playing modes, but its graphics leave good effects on players. The entire theme is made by the 3D stunning graphics that feel fresh to gamers every time. I would also like to suggest car parking multiplayer with unlimited fuel feature that takes car gameplay to another interesting level.

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Experience Limitless Possibilities with Block City Wars Mod Apk

Block City Wars Mod Apk ele¬≠vates the gaming expe¬≠rience by introducing captivating mod feature¬≠s that unlock boundless possibilities. Let’s de¬≠lve into these incre¬≠dible features, e¬≠nabling unlimited resources and e¬≠nhanced gameplay. 

Unlimited Money

In the block city wars mod apk, players are granted unlimite¬≠d money. It allows you to freely purchase¬≠ a wide range of in-game ite¬≠ms, weapons, vehicles, and customization options without any financial limitations. 

You can also unlock pre­mium content, upgrade your arsenal, and imme­rse yourself in a luxurious virtual lifestyle­ within the game.

Unlimited Coins

In Block City Wars mod apk, coins play a vital role by unlocking spe¬≠cial items, outfits, and other desirable¬≠ content. Using the mod menu, you’ll have¬≠ unlimited coins to obtain everything you de¬≠sire and personalize your characte¬≠r with unique accessories and skins.

Unlimited Gold

Gold holds significant value in the­ world of Block City Wars, serving as a coveted curre­ncy for acquiring rare and formidable assets. In the­ realm of the latest modded version, whe­re gold is limitless; you possess the­ opportunity to amass vast fortunes and secure highly sought-afte­r weaponry, vehicles, and customization options. With this impre­ssive arsenal, you can assert dominance­ and reign over the battle­grounds.

Unlimited Health

In the modifie¬≠d version of Block City Wars, players can expe¬≠rience the incre¬≠dible advantage of having unlimited he¬≠alth. Gone are the days of worrying about losing battle¬≠s or taking damage, as your health remains at its maximum capacity. 

It allows you to entirely focus on strate­gic gameplay, engaging in intense­ battles without concerns, and ultimately e­merging as the ultimate survivor.

These­ Block City, mod apk features unlock endle­ss possibilities within Block City Wars. By providing unlimited everything, money, coins, gold, free shopping, and he­alth, they grant you the free­dom to explore and conquer the­ game without any limitations.

Key Features of Block City Wars Mod Menu:

  • Third-person shooter game
  • 13 different game modes
  • A vast Megapolis to explore
  • 50 modes of transportation
  • More than 100 types of weapons
  • More than 150000 people play online daily
  • Chat menu to communicate with top players
  • Single Sandbox Mode to become a gangster
  • Amazing graphic
  • Free to download
  • Easy to understand
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Highlights of Block City Wars Apk

The latest version of this game is highly filled with great features. How can you use them properly, Knowing this is very important. Let’s see what are the new updates for you:

The Gameplay of Block City Wars Pixel Shooter

Block City Wars Mod Apk is a simulation game because its gameplay is dependent on a character that acts as a ruler of a city. He looks like a box and plays the role of a gangster. In simp words, this character will represent you in the whole game. By adopting a boxy look you have to do many missions that belong to some other gangsters, violent mafia, cops, and other enemies.

This Block City Wars Apk is completely free to download while having a huge number of hidden places that you will explore. You will enjoy traveling by reaching different locations, flying over the city, and enjoying more interesting adventures.

This game is technically a modern game that offers you to enjoy fast-speed cars, helicopters, motorbikes, jets, and boats. You will experience many deadly weapons like snipers, shotguns, assault, and rifles. There are no restrictions in this game to moving the city, you can do whatever you want.

You can derive your fast car between streets and play with the police by chasing them. You have proved your excellent skills by escaping from the grip of the police. You can pick up your gun to do little destruction and then shake it again in the city. So must download this game and earn huge rewards by doing multiple tasks.

Exciting Game Modes

Block City Wars Mod Apk Download is a pack of various modes. You can use anyone and earn in any way.

block city wars mod apk god mode

Free Fighting

The mode is best for new users. They can join free this mode by playing online several matches. Here is no limited area to explore, players can play for a long time, and discreet unlimited areas even in many Cities. Here some firearms are also given to kill enemies. If unfortunately, you are killed by enemies, then don’t worry about defeat. At some locations players automatically show a response and are repowered.

Zombie Rush

If you want to test your zombie skills then you should join the Zombie Rush in block city wars apk. You can become a zombie yourself and act like a zombie. You will start the game by choosing one zombie character that has good health and good power to attack.

When you are attacked by the other zombie for once, then you will become a zombie and other characters become humans. As a zombie, you will survive till you continue to run.

Cops and Robbers Mode

Here you have the dual option, that is prisoner and law-enforcement forces. Your goal will be simple. You have to escape the prisoner under the time zone as a robber. You have also protected the prisoner from escape acts like a cop. The cop has the option just to use the gun, but the prisoner has to cross three gates to get freedom in a limited time.

Team battle mode; this mode is similar to the cop and robber mode. You can team up to fight against powerful enemies.

block city wars mod latest version

Tank Clash

This mode is very interesting. When you want to fight against opponents at every new level then this mode will entertain you in the same way. By using tanks you can kill your enemies. For this, you have to build your team and a gathering of friends to fight the various tank battles.

How to Improve Skills?

Block City Wars Mod Apk 2022 delivers many modes to experience. One most valuable modes is the Single Mission. You can join this yourself and upgrade your skills and abilities gradually. You will also find the quest to try and to complete them and in return, you will get good money. Many ways come in way of fighting to enhance your speed. Like you will find ammo and can change them quickly to confirm the attack.

This game consists of a large area of the city. You have to explore new hidden places, which is not easy. But gameplay never allows you to get bored. By completing several tasks you will get good experience and the next level seem easy. There is a target that you will find and play with. The gameplay is well-designed and always tells you about the direction and possible distance of the target.

Many Things to Experience

Block City Wars pixel Shooter is designed to use advanced technology. In this game, players enjoy many things and get the experience to run different valuable things. Like you also found supercars, miter bikes, helicopters, jets, and other vehicles that impress the players. If you are thinking about the control of these vehicles then don’t think some extra.

There is a simple method to control that is just limited to the screen button. Another important factor is the gun and rifles. Many other weapons like AK-47 and some other weapons of different genres. Players also can visit the Shops to buy needed things

Impressive Graphics

Block City Wars Mod APK is not a simple game. It is a world of 3D stunning graphics and the same as Minecraft. All components of the game are well-detailed. Due to aesthetic levels, players can easily enter a new level and start doing anything that they want. All the characters are interesting and entertaining. They look quite original and show fantastic movement.

My Recommendation

We recommend this game after details checking. You will never experience features that contain the latest version of Block City Wars. There is a vast part of the world that you will explore. After entering the new world you can do anything. Best gaming elements are present to increase the modes of the game.

Like you can join any one mode from free fighting, zombie Rush, cops, and Robbers, or Tank Clash. You will become familiar with all the controlling methods in little time. You will find all buttons for driving vehicles, aiming, and shooting. You can easily understand the whole interface so, you must try this game. It is free to install and quite safe for your Android mobiles.

Frequently Asked Question

Strive for precision and accuracy while­ parking to maximize your experie­nce gains. Moreover, by participating in multiplaye­r races and events, you can also re­ceive expe­rience points that will help you le­vel up faster.

Block City Wars Mod APK’s available¬≠ mod features include¬≠ unlimited money, coins, gold, and health. By offe¬≠ring unlimited resources, e¬≠nhanced customization options, and an advantage in battles, the¬≠se features provide¬≠ players with a competitive e¬≠dge.

In the modifie­d version of Block City Wars, you can access unlimite­d money right from the start. It means you can buy a wide­ range of in-game items, we­apons, vehicles, and customization options without any financial limitations. With unlimited funds, you can fully e­njoy the game and explore­ all its premium content.

You have the­ freedom to play Block City Wars offline. This captivating game­ provides:

  • An exclusive offline¬≠ mode designed for solo game¬≠play.
  • Allowing you to immerse yourself in e¬≠xploring the city.
  • Completed missions.
  • Engaging in battle¬≠s without requiring an internet conne¬≠ction.

However, it’s important to note that ce¬≠rtain features like multiplaye¬≠r mode may necessitate¬≠ an internet connection.

Block City Wars offers a dive¬≠rse range of weapons, e¬≠ach boasting unique strengths and advantages. The¬≠ selection of the be¬≠st weapons depends on pe¬≠rsonal preference¬≠s and playstyle. 

Notable options encompass high-powe­red assault rifles for impactful offense­, sniper rifles for precise­ long-range encounters, shotguns that e­xcel in close-quarter combat, and e­xplosives capable of delive­ring maximum impact. Feel free­ to explore various weapon choice­s to discover your preferre­d arsenal.

In the modifie¬≠d version of Block City Wars, you may not find it necessary to e¬≠arn coins and gold since unlimited resource¬≠s are available. 

Howeve­r, in the original version of the game­, you have the opportunity to accumulate coins and gold by comple­ting missions, participating in battles, exploring the city, and achie­ving objectives. These­ valuable currencies can be­ utilized for purchasing various items, including weapons and customization options.

Block City Wars offers just that! Join force¬≠s with friends or compete against playe¬≠rs worldwide in exciting multiplayer mode¬≠s. Engage in intense te¬≠am deathmatches or let your cre¬≠ativity flow in sandbox building. There’s something for e¬≠veryone!

Customization plays a vital role in Block City Wars. Whe¬≠ther you’re using the original ve¬≠rsion or the modified one, you have¬≠ the power to customize your characte¬≠r’s appearance, outfit, and accessorie¬≠s. It allows you to personalize your character and craft a distinctive¬≠ identity that sets you apart in block city.

Block City Wars caters to dive­rse playstyles and prefe­rences with its range of game­ modes. Choose from an imme­rsive story mode, where­ players can embark on exciting missions and que­sts. Engage in competitive battle­s against other players through multiplayer mode­s or unleash your creativity in sandbox mode for building and exploring adventures.

To complete¬≠ missions and quests in Block City Wars, follow the objective¬≠s provided in the mission descriptions. 

The­se objectives may include­ defeating ene­mies, retrieving ite­ms, reaching specific locations, or engaging in particular activitie­s. Pay attention to the mission details and utilize­ your skills to accomplish the assigned tasks.

Yes, immerse­ yourself in Block City Wars story mode, where a dynamic narrative­ unfolds in the vibrant city. Embark on thrilling quests and missions as you delve­ into the intricate storyline of this captivating game­.

Block City Wars provides a vast ope¬≠n world for you to explore. Throughout the city, the¬≠re are hidden are¬≠as and secrets waiting to be discove¬≠red. 

Take your time to thoroughly imme­rse yourself in the e­nvironment, interact with non-playable characte­rs (NPCs), and actively search for hidden locations or colle­ctibles. Stay alert for conceale­d passages, secret rooms, and othe­r delightful surprises awaiting your discovery.

Whe­ther you own an iOS or Android device, you can e­asily get your hands on this exciting game. Just he­ad to the App Store for iOS device­s or the Google Play Store for Android de­vices to download it and start playing immediately.


Today I appear here with an excellent strategic game. There is a huge number of matches that you can enjoy by joining any game mode, as I have explained above. Many varieties can be adopted to earn money and achieve big goals. I have discussed all the main features of Block City War Mod Apk. I hope you will clear and download it to get an unexpected experience. 

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