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Zenonia 5 Mod Apk is the latest edition in zenonia series with lots of new updates and fun elements. It has substantial quests and levels to keep the players hooked for hours.
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Sep 17, 2020
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Action, Anime, Fine RPG, and Great Storyline, if this deadly combo didn’t get your attention, then, I don’t know what will. After years Gamevil is back with its action pack game zenonia 5- wheels of destiny. 

Zenonia 5 Mod Apk is the latest edition in zenonia series with lots of new updates and fun elements. It has substantial quests and levels to keep the players hooked for hours. In addition, the storyline is killer as it aligns with the previous series. The game has new mechanics and improved graphic experience, we can customize the characters, compete in the global arena and forge our weapons. 

Additional Information About Zenonia 5 Mod Apk

App NameZenonia 5 Mod Apk
UpdatedJul 20, 2022
Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
Latest Versionv1.2.9
SizeVaries with device
Features(Unlimited Money/Avatars)
DeveloperCom2uS Holdings Corporation

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Still not impressed? Well, its stats will definitely amaze you. Zenonia 5 recently accomplished the milestone of 1 million downloads. Imagine the size of players competing in the arena. As thousands of players are online daily and participating in the quest. All this fun can be carried out on your smart devices, and play anywhere in your android or iOS systems.

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The Storyline of Zenonia 5 Mod Apk 2022:

First, let’s discuss the storyline. I personally hooked by its classic role-playing story. In the city of Andra, Lu becomes the king of the city after defeating the devil lord. The happy time if Andra didn’t last long. Because the war breaks out and some demons start to spread darkness. Aster is one of the villains who are back for revenge. 

At this point, the kingdom is going under great changes. Humans have lost their minds and old values. The only thing matter to them is power and wealth. The elite is exploiting the poor and unlawful act is at their peak. Darkness is taking over light. 

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In this dark time, a hero (you) stood up from the shattered village to save Andra from evil. You fight to bring back light and humanity and defeat evil forces.

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In addition to this amazing storyline, the fabulous gameplay awaits you. In order to start your war against evil, it’s important to choose a character that is subtle and powerful. Zenonia hack mod apk, you will have four heroes at your disposal. Make sure to analyze the unique skills, weaknesses, and strengths of each one. 

In zenonia 5 mod menu, many powerful weapons will be available like blue magic, and unique orange to defeat your enemy. But you have to use it strategically. Your skills combined with your character and weapons will define success or defeat.

This time Gamevil has got massive appreciation from the gaming community all over the world because of its breathtaking gameplay, flexible controls, subtle graphic, fine sound quality, and well design characters.

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Highlights of Zenonia 5 MOD APK:

We had a glimpse of the game story and overview, and further explore the detailed features of zenonia 5. 

Multiple Modes:

Abyss Mode – you can play in this mode free only once a day and have to compete with numerous monsters at a specific time. Sound stressful to me but fun to play. You will choose a gate that has random types and numbers of monsters and you have to defeat them in a defined time. Keep in mind some weapons will be restricted in this mode. Moreover. After every ten-floor player has to confront boss monster. 

Hell Mode – This unlocks after, you complete the game and defeated the Salvator. I consider it a side gig but it’s also a power play. After you defeat the boss, the game restart at argan village where you can participate in a repeatable quest. You will have all your previous skills, strengths, and weapons. But in this mode, the weakest monsters will level up to 90 or higher than that, I consider it a power play.

Know Your Hero:

Gamevel has explained their hero in detail, unlike the previous version. Zenonia 5 zen hack put forward four characters with diverse skills and strengths. Come explore each character

Abel (Berserker): It is definitely a defensive hero class. Attack your enemy with a powerful shot directly to give maximum damage.

Evan (Mechanics): Hero possesses technical skills that can be used strategically to defeat the devil. He uses pistols and bombs in the battle.

Neal (Wizard): This hero is vulnerable to enemy attack so be care full about it. But it has a wide range of attack abilities and can devastate the enemy zone.

Ryan (Paladin): A sword hero that is also vulnerable to attack but beneficial to defeat near crucial target.

You can customize your character according to your liking. Zenonia 5 apk mod allows you to change the gender, and hairstyle of your character. As you progress in the game more armors and consumes will be available for your character.

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Powerful Weapons:

Compete and unlock more powerful weapons in-game. There is also a classic feature of upgrading, combining and refining the gears and pistols. Equip your heroes with these deadly weapons to increase their skill and more to enemies. 

The equipment also has a refinement level that is shown in inventory against a name. The weapons procured by the high monsters have a refined value of zero. But it can be increased to 100 by gold or other good. The equipment also gets destroyed in Zen market if the refine value of weapons falls back to zero.  

Compete Online in PVP

In zenonia cheat mod apk, you can compete with various skill players all around the globe. The game has thousands of daily active users; you can collaborate with them to complete the mission or you can play against them to earn substantial rewards. Playing with other people online allows to test your skills and learn new techniques to level up your game.

1vs1 – There is a slight upgrade in the zenonia 5 mod apk mechanic. You can compete in 1v1 mode where you will be paired up with a random player 5 levels above you and you have to defeat them in 90 seconds.

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Subtle Graphics:

In amine, I believe subtle graphics are pretty essential and zenonia 5 mod apk doesn’t disappoint its user in this regard. This game offers a smooth experience in terms of character movement and well-defined screenplay, carefully designed characters, and weapons. Plus, in-depth RPG gameplay is the best part, powerful weapons are available to combine with skilled characters.

Explore New Zones:

The game offers a wide range of locations on a map. You will find different quests and challenges in every zone. The storyline keeps on going and upgrades with time.  The side adventure never ends and with new updates, you can also teleport to random graveyards on the map.

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Zenonia 5 Mod Features:

Unlimited Gold– There are two methods to strengthen your skills. In this Zenonia 5 mod apk you get limitless gold to level up

Unlimited Zen- Zen also refer as currency is a game to buy gears, you will get limitless Zen in this mod apk.

Completely Free- All these features are available for free. Zenonia 5 mod apk free download is available on this site.

What’s New:

Fresh Story- Although the story is a successor of part 4 I believe it is relatively fresh and new in this game.

Bug Fix- Though out the game series, the developers receive feedback through emails and forums about bugs faced by users during the game. Developers have made sure to fix all the issues.

Stable-This part is developed by previous bug fixes and also it performs well in med and low-end devices.

My Personal Experience:

Connectivity Issue – The game sometimes shows no internet connection while I am connected with the internet.

Log-in Problem – This game doesn’t give a login option which I feel is a big disadvantage. You can’t log in which means if you uninstall it, you will lose your game data and have to start fresh.

Application Stops – It happens twice that app is forced to stop while opening. I have to close and restart it again. Do tell me in the comment section does it happen to you also.