World Conqueror 3 Mod APK v 1.8.0 Unlimited Medals and Money

world conqueror 3 mod apk
  • 4.4+
  • v 1.8.0
  • 4.4
  • 19K
  • Free
  • 117 MB

A strategic battle game is waiting for you which is released based on World War 2. Combat is not between the people the users will fight on a large scale. I mean players enjoy the conflict and win the tasks against nations, regimes and continents, and subcontinents. Premium and pro features are completely unlocked and players can enjoy some other features online by getting connections with friends and other toper players. I have an easy discussion that is related to unique features.

In school life, everyone has read about World War II. That is just restricted to books and reading. But now those scenes of war can be seen live in the form of the World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk game. The game entertains the players by giving them a chance to create an army and lead. But in return game required the most valuable skills, the best creativity, and logical thinking. That is very important to win the battle and missions.

About World Conqueror 3 Mod APK

App NameWorld Conqueror 3 Mod APK
Compatible Android 4.4+
Latest Versionv 1.8.0
Size117 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Medals/Resources)
Google PlayDownload Apk

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Players will land themselves in World War II and start their tough lives. They try to fight multiple wars like World War II, the cold war, Modern Warfare, and some other dangerous tasks. The game is designed in this way you that players enjoy real feelings as they survive in a real war environment. Date and related ambiance are accurately put so, players can play with concepts. There are no issues if anyone doesn’t know about the history of world war II because everything is described in detail. You can learn a complete course based on the history of wars.

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Download Mod Features of World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk

Unlock All Generals

This remarkable­ feature allows players to imme­diately access a full range of ge­nerals. Instead of gradually unlocking them as the­ game progresses, playe­rs can now strategically utilize a diverse­ pool of military leaders. Each gene­ral possesses unique abilitie­s and attributes, enabling players to plan the­ir strategies effe­ctively.

Unlimited Medals

With an infinite supply of me­dals, players can acquire an unlimited amount of this highly valuable­ in-game currency. These­ medals serve various purpose­s including recruiting skilled gene­rals, improving military capabilities, and unlocking strategic advantages.

Unlimited Resources

In the World Conque­ror 3 MOD APK, players are introduced to limitle­ss resources that remove­ any constraints on their economies. This allows for the­ swift mobilization of troops, fortification of defenses, and the­ pursuit of ambitious military campaigns without worrying about resource scarcity.

Key Features of World Conqueror 3 for Android

  • Newly developed strategic game by East Tech
  • Military career features
  • 32 historical Campaigns
  • 3 difficult battle level
  • 150 military tasks
  • 5 different modes
  • 45 local challenges
  • General commander-based game
  • Trading opportunities
  • Various wonders to built
  • 4 scripts of 4 Battles 1939, 1943, 1950, and 1960
  • 50 countries to explore
  • 200 powerful generals
  • 148 military units with 35 skills
  • 12 technology are used
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free and safe to download
  • Easy Interface to learn
world conqueror 3 mod apk modern war

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Highlights of World Conqueror 3

Easy Tech has introduced many action games. This Conqueror 3 Mod was also developed on the same theme. But the features have been updated from low to high quality. Various modes can be enjoyed with excellent performance. We need general information about the basic highlights of this game. So, I have some important collections below for you;

The Gameplay of World Conqueror 3 Max Level

According to the gameplay, World Conqueror 3 is a strategic game. I know you will think that the interface may be tough, but don’t need to worry about this. There is no longer time required to understand because everything is described easily and shortly, moreover tutorial videos are present to explain the method of playing practically. You may feel a little difficult but after some turns, it becomes easy for you.

Mechanically This Game is a Turn-Based Movement

Taking control of every situation is very simple and easy, just you have to tap on the screen where the button is given. The real goal of players is to conquer the battle, during the war you have done some other activities. Such as you will transfer your fighting materials like guns to several places. So that you can take effective steps against opponents on the battlefield. All these actions are under control just a screen.

world conqueror 3 mod apk premium general

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Kind of Game Mode

There are two types of game modes. Both types create different battle situations that we have faced. One mode is to conquer the world in which you can become a master of all globe. This mode makes this game the most popular among the gamer community. By switching on conquer world Mode you have to command their army and compete with their enemies to vanquish a country. You will fight to conquer the whole and when you become the complete victor of the globe then you will be rewarded with high prices.

The second mode the military career mode is the most crucial. It has recently been updated and is very interesting. Because players can take control everywhere and can set their aims according to their needs. By switching on this mode you can enjoy all the scenes of battle that may take place in a real war.

world conqueror 3 mod apk unlock all

Variety of Generals and Tasks

In World Conqueror 3 Mod APK you will have control of your army. There are a large number of generals to help you. Each general is characterized by different abilities and power such as they can damage in different ways, they have a speed of different levels, and some other specific skills. Each general has different weapons and control over them. Players have to train their general with new skills and also can get new advanced characters of commanders from military units.

Various tasks are waiting for you, like completing missions, running campaigns, and some other modes to earn coins and money. If you get bored then you can change your playing mode. Earning money can be spent by visiting the shops to buy different weapons. One interesting task is that you can hire a commander with medals and can send them on battle missions. Each level required a different general and the choice is up to you. 

Historical Campaigns in World Conqueror 3 Apk

One more interesting task that you have to do is you will run campaigns to cover the challenging levels. In the game 32 campaigns, you will found, while 150 assignments that you have done to prove your skills. Each level of these is complete when you fulfill the specific requirements. There are 3 Stars kept on every level. By playing one level again and again you can get 3 Stars but no medals will be given to you. The game can be stopped at any level and at any time by pressing the pause button.

world conqueror 3 mod apk unlimited medals

The location of towers, generals, commanders, and weaponry depend upon you. You can select by using your wisdom. You can send your military facilitation to any place where you feel the need. By having all these features, World Conqueror 3 Mod APK required critical thinking and high-standard abilities. So must try your skills by downloading this game.

Exciting Script of Story

in this game, three different conquerors have different scripts to enjoy. Conquer 1939, 1943, 1950, and 1960 are the four script and offers a different pattern of war. Because every time the progress in technology increases. Each time the general, military materials like weapons and other facilitation. Players can choose one type to gain different rewards.

The battle belongs to different circumstances of different countries and each country has 3 Stars to show the ranking. 3 Star is for best performance while 1 Star shows the weakness of abilities. Each area is panted with various kinds of resources, troop Power, and strength of generals. You will meet with 42 wonders in the World Conqueror 3 Mod. They start from the Winter places and include the Big Ben tower floating on the whole globe.

Different resources like Energy, industries, and new technology are required to build the wonders. Each building takes a different period like some months or even years. But these features are profitable for players, they can earn more rewards like money, better weapons coins, etc.

My Recommendation

We recommend this game to download after completing the checking. First, the file is completely safe, and second, a great bunch of features is introduced to enjoy. The game is completely clean, and no things are to irritate your graphics are excellent while sound gives a satisfying wave.

I’m sure after playing for one time, you will admit its good specifications and share it with others. You will like to play with the general for a long time. The gameplay is fantastic as I have explained already. Overall World Conqueror 3 is a completely entertaining game but to get the pleasure you have to download it. Don’t miss this chance just go to install.

Frequently Asked Question

This game offers many features but is free of cost. No need to pay any type of plenty. 

Yes, all the features are free and Unlocked. Just you have to complete the mission without paying any money. In this way, you can unlock all the features.

Yes, it is 100% safe for all the devices like PC and smart mobiles because it has passed through the Anti-Malware software. My team has done complete work on its checking so, download it without any confusion.


We are sure that you will enjoy my article which relates to your favorite strategic game. We give you information in detail about all the basic points of World Conqueror 3 Mod APK. Not only an empty game but also return you something in the form of rewards. We share with you the main highlights so that you can directly start to play and no learning issues can disturb you. We check Antivirus to provide protection. We hope you will clear at all. If any question lands in your mind then freely asked from us. Thank you

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