Super Mario Run Mod Apk v3.0.28 (Unlimited Coins)

mario run mod apk
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Super Mario Run Mod Apk takes me down the road of memory lane and I am sure you will experience it too. Mario Bros was the most famous game for the 90s kid. It hasn’t lost its charm yet. This Nintendo has offered the same experience with unexpected elements on Android devices. 

Mario Run is designed for the mobile user to enjoy classic gameplay. Controls are simple and easy to understand but the story has some twists in it. Challenges are a bit more difficult and other tweak missions are added to keep you on your toes.

Additional Information About Super Mario Run Mod Apk

App NameSuper Mario Run Mod Apk
Compatible Android 4.4+
Latest Versionv3.0.28
Size82 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/Coins)
DeveloperNintendo Co
Google PlayDownload Apk

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The graphics are subtle and neat like the previous one and they give you an old childhood vibe. Playing it on mobile brings me back to my childhood and all the sweet memories. I guess, that’s why it is the most awaited game and in no time crossed a million downloads on the Play Store.

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Adventurous Gameplay

Nintendo definitely knows about a childhood fantasy and they developed the plot of the game that exactly matches it. A hero who will clear all the obstacles and defeat enemies to save his princess.

In Super Mario Run Mod Apk, you can unlock Mario‚Äės brother Luigi for the world tour. You have to jump over the obstacles and compete with powerful bosses to save Princess Peach from Bowser. Princess is captured in the bowser’s jail.¬†

mario run mod apk unlimited money

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Mario Run Hack Mod Apk has 6 worlds and each has 4 levels Which means you have to clear 24 levels in order to complete the game. Yes, the game has an ending! I love this ending part about this game. Most other games of this genre lack this feature. What is the point of wondering in the game after you have completed all the levels, I just lose interest after it. 

The graphic style and gameplay are quite similar to the Mario bros series. The character will run automatically and you have to touch the screen to make it jump in order to pass the wall or hit the boss on the head. Controls are displayed on the screen and are pretty easy to use. On Android devices, you get a good grip on controls and jump time. 

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Android Features of Mario Run Mod Apk

One Tap Movement

The other games of this genre mostly have 3D motion movements by tapping on the screen. You can change direction immediately to unexpected turns and scenes in the game. Because they have endless plots and only aim to collect more coins and gems to score high on the ladder aboard. Unlike these games, Mario Run Cheat Mod Apk has 2D motion graphics. The character runs automatically and you have to touch the screen to make Mario jump over walls. But don’t take it too easy as you have gone through dark houses, and haunted places to complete the levels.

Choose your Character

Nintendo put 11 characters at your disposal to choose from. Each character has different skills and abilities. You have to select the character according to your game. If you are bored with a default character and think its skill falls in an average category then change your character to Luigi who can do high jumps or Princess Peach, who can float on water. But keep in mind these characters are locked, you have to buy coins to unlock these characters.

mario run mod apk no root

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Unlimited Coins

You have to collect coins to buy buildings, unlock characters, or acquire special outfits. Super Mario Run Mod Apk offers standard gold coins and challenge coins. The challenge coins are available in three different colors pink, black, and purple. 

You have to collect pink coins in each level which will lead to black coins and after collecting the two coins purple will be available to collect. By collecting each coin, the next level becomes more difficult to play. Let me save you from all this hassle. We have given the Mario Run Mod Apk on this website, in this version you will get unlimited coins.

mario run mod apk download

Progress to Dangerous Levels

The game starts with a simple interface and easy hurdle, players understand the basic mechanics. You have to collect the pink coins at each level, it will increase your character rank and skill. With this, your level also increases in which you will compete in tight pace challenges and enter a hunted house full of repeated attacks.

mario run mod apk all levels

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Different Game Mode

Super Mario Run Mod Apk offers different modes for players. World Tour, Road Rally Kingdom Builder, and Remix 10 are available to play. You can challenge your friends in road rallies and collect money by winning. 

You have to earn money to secure the top rank on the map. I personally like World Tour mode; you have to complete the levels step by step according to the story and have to save Princess Peach from Bowser. Kingdom Builder is an endless mode of this game. You have to earn a lot of money and coins to build your kingdom.

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Compete With Boss

Once you will complete all the levels, you will have a face-off with the boss at the last level of the world. You have to defeat them in order to proceed. In the first world, you will encounter Bowser the worst enemy of Mario. Mario has to pass him and catch the axe. 

With the help of axe, the browser will fall down into the boiling water. Yeah, easy right? But this is the first enemy, there are a lot of others to come. As your level increases, you will face more powerful bosses make sure to fuel up your character health bar, 

New Challenges

Super Mario Run Mod apk offers some advanced challenges to mobile gamers. The game has little tweaks in missions and twisted puzzles, you will be given different doors at the same time to choose and you have to choose the legitimate door to pass the level. Same as Mario having to solve puzzles to move forward. It’s not just running and dodging the walls this time. It’s more than that!

Android Modification

The developer has changed the character movement and jumps to make it compatible with Android devices.  You will experience a bit of different movement in this version as compared to other platforms. Mario will move forward automatically by small leaps or gaps you don‚Äôt need to have a close eye on these small holes.

Definitely, you need to control the character to jump on walls. Tap on the screen to jump and hold the touch in mid-air for a high jump. To defeat the boss, you can jump from a distance and hold a finger to make your jump high and hit the boss’s head. You can also shift direction by tapping on the screen.

Mod Feature of Super Mario Run Mod Apk

Unlimited Lives 

Mario has a lifeline that has to be maintained to complete levels. If your life ends, you lose and have to start fresh. In this mod version, you will get unlimited life to start where you left

Unlocked 6 World 

Mario Run has different levels in each world. You have to complete the level to move forward but with this version, you can select and play the level you want.

Free Purchase 

The game has an in-app purchase option in it. Let’s be honest Who wants to pay for decoration items when you are just playing for fun? In this game, all items are unlocked. You don‚Äôt have to spend a dime to buy things.

If you have any previous version then please uninstall it and go to your phone settings click ‚ÄúSecurity‚ÄĚ and allow ‚ÄúUnknown Source‚ÄĚ Follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the download button and the download will start immediately 
  • Click on the game.
  • Follow all the instructions given inside
  • Your game is ready, enjoy the jumps.

Frequently Asked Question

This game is the modified version of Mario Run. You will have unlimited coins, infinite health, and unlimited lives in this game. No need to spend money to purchase any item. All items are unlocked for you.

You have to collect the toads and coins. Collect pink toads at every level to unlock the playable characters with different skills.

This game has 6 worlds against 24 levels. You have to complete 4 levels in each world to proceed further.

Yes, it’s completely safe to download. The file has no virus or malware. Our team take these apps from trusted sites and check them for virus or malware. After several tests, they are uploaded on the website for the user.

My Thoughts

Mario Run Mod Apk is a fun game to ease your boredom. The graphics are on point and the control is user-friendly. I can play it anywhere easily. Game modes are captivating to participate and I can compete with others to secure a top rank. Moreover, it brings me back to my childhood memories. I hope you find this article helpful. I would love to read your childhood memories attached to this game, Don’t forget to comment in the comment section.

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