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Hi guys! I want to meet those people who love fast food and always looking for a yummy restaurant. And then feel that a restaurant should be under there from which they can eat anything at any time. If you are one of those, I have a Cooking Fever Mod APK game for you. If you do have not the material or money to build a restaurant then you can satisfy your dream wish by playing this game.

Here an opportunity is waiting for you where you will cook delightful food items and get popular. Then you will expand your branches. Stay on my page and see what is in your favorite activity.

In real life, cooking is a favorite hobby of many people. Some people have grown up with the dream of becoming a chef. But cooking is a daily activity for everyone. Cooking Fever Unlimited Money offers a wide variety of opportunities to become a world-class chef and build a popular hotel. You have to cook delicious foods for people and enhance the customers of your restaurant.

Additional Information About Cooking Fever Mod APK

App NameCooking Fever Mod Apk
Compatible Android 6.0+
Latest Versionv19.0.0
Size178 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/Gems)
DeveloperNordcurrent Games
Google PlayDownload Apk

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You can use your free time on the best activities by playing this cooking fever mod apk. If you want to build a 5-star hotel then you have to add each type of food like dessert food, fast food seafood, and Oriental food. You will be introduced to more than 20 places. You have a select location to make your restaurant as you want. This is the first task where you will prove your thinking and wisdom. 

You can give your thinking a unique shape by setting and cooking different types of food. It depends upon you how you use the food techniques to expand your area of the hotel. There are more than 100 ingredients and more than 100 foods to cook. You have to cook all types of food from little items like coffee to big dishes like pizza.

cooking fever everything unlocked offline

This Cooking fever Mod Apk is published by Nordcurrent and offers free access to everyone. Restaurants are designed with diverse food items and beautifully presented to customers like in real hotels the people are treated. Cooking Fever Mod Latest Version is not limited to a specific age of people but it is perfect for all ages. Not only this you will get a chance to visit different countries. In this game, the dishes of different countries also show from little dishes like the famous dishes of Europe and Asia.

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Download Mods of Cooking Fever for Android

Unlimited Money, Coins, and Gems

The Cooking Fe­ver Mod APK offers unlimited money, coins, and gems, unlocking many possibilities. Players now have access to an endless supply of financial resources, enabling them to expand their restaurants, upgrade e­quipment, and explore a wide­ range of dishes. With no restrictions on coins and ge­ms, players can unlock premium upgrades and e­xclusive items that take their culinary adventures to new he­ights.

Unlimited Experience Points (XP)

The mod menu enables unlimite­d XP and enhances the pace­ of progression in the game. As a playe­r, you can quickly level up your restaurants, unlocking new challenges, recipe­s, and content at an exceptional spe­ed. This accelerate­d advancement guarantee­s that you can fully delve into the e­xtensive offerings of the game without investing the usual amount of time­.

Features of Cooking Fever Mod APK Android

  • More than 400 delicious dishes
  • More than 150 ingredients
  • More than 5 locations to explore
  • Fast Food, bakery, Chinese, pizza, seafood, Indian sushi, Breakfast Cafe, and some important palaces
  • More than 400 levels to play
  • Hundreds of chances to upgrade kitchen appliances and restaurants
  • Easy Interface to learn
  • Opportunities to visit other countries
  • Share experiences with friends on social media
  • Best 3D stunning graphics
cooking fever unlock all level

Features of Cooking Fever Unlimited Everything

Dear players, you are thinking that how can you enjoy cooking on a mobile. Keep in mind that now you have entered the developed technical world, where everything is possible. You need just a little information about the highlights of this game. You have just looked at my post one time.

The Gameplay of Cooking Fever Mod APK with no Ads

This game is dedicated to all cooking food lovers. Now you are not limited to your kitchen but you can create a long chain of restaurants by playing Cooking Fever Mod. Individually this game is not only restricted to making a 5-star restaurant but the huge experience of cooking food and running a business is searching for you to join.

Your history will start from a single hotel, wine players try to run it successfully and get experience in cooking food. As their food items are liked by the customers, they get more good points to open more restaurants at different locations. If you want to start your journey then you have to download this game.

cooking fever unlimited xp

Cook a large variety of food and attract more customers. Unique decorations are always a vital step to holding a huge amount of visitors. So there is everything is customized, you can select anything of your choice. All these features of Cooking Fever Mod APK can help you to make a perfect chef. Different levels of the game give you a chance to learn different cooking techniques, so more than 500 items can learn to cook.

The Specification of this game is related to all people, so it has won millions of hearts. So, Cooking Fever Mod Latest Version is considered the most popular simulation game in the world. The game remains always fresh because it updates with new features after little time to serve its players. So I’m sure you will never get bored playing it.

Your best service depends on your management abilities, if you deliver fantastic food to your customers, they will become a permanent customer of yours. Your chances to expand your business restaurant will increase with increasing the number of visitors.

Unlock More Location

The most interesting part of Cooking Fever Mod APK is the map consists of the finest location to build a restaurant. Players have to unlock new areas. Players can move anywhere between these locations. If you are willing to play this game then first of all you have entered in city and unlocked the premium accessories. Enter some items in your menu.

Such as your bakery will start from the Sweet. In your Fast Food court ideas related to the type of restaurant will give. You can learn techniques about Chinese and Indian restaurants. From various places like seafood, pizzeria, Breakfast Cafe, and Sushi restaurant you can learn important cooking.

cooking fever mod apk pc

Along with the city, you will also visit some islands by playing Cooking Fever Mod APK Hack Download. You have done work with Paradise Cocktail Bar and opened an ice cream bar. Spend some time With Corn Dog Van to know about the culture of America. Know about seafood and join the House of Crab. Besides, install this game to visit more interesting places in different countries.

You will not only be limited to ground earth but also get opportunities to set up a hotel on Alpine Mountain. Visit the Italian style, Smokey Grill BBQ, Michelle’s Cafe, and Michelle’s Confectionery to enjoy the different kinds of food.

How to Develop Skills?

As I have told you that you will visit high standards restaurants to pick up ideas and set your restaurants according to the demand of customers.

Besides this, modern tools will be present in your kitchen to cook different food. Like you can use the toaster, sandwich Makers, Coffee makers, popcorn machines, and many other machines to deliver the dishes according to the request of eaters. You will learn more about the use of tools at each level of the game. Keep in mind that delicious food is the priority of each client. Otherwise, your delivery will be thrown by the customer and you will get a huge loss.

How to Serve Delightful Food?

This is an important fact about how you can serve the best food. There are many ways to deliver yummy food. We also learned how can expand the area of the restaurant and where we can get experience in cooking a large variety of food related to different cultures. But the technique of Cooking Fever Mod APK For PC is friendly to use.

Easy ways will guide you to prepare all kinds of meals. It is also easy to serve the customers because the entire system is automatic. This feature makes it easy for players to play and they can prepare multiple dishes at a time. The basic mission is you will deliver all orders in due time. If you remain to fail to complete the order, then you can’t grow yourself.

Graphics Stimulate the Hunger

Cooking Fever Mod APK comes with a lot of enjoyable events, all parts are designed with the best graphics that are visible to all kinds of people. The kitchen and background of the whole game are acceptable because everything is under the users.

They came to make anything that is required at different times. One more amazing thing about Cooking Fever Mod APK Unlimited XP every item looks so gorgeous and left an effect as appetizing food. These visual effects hold the players and encourage them to play without pause.

My Recommendation

Are you want to become a chef in your state, if yes, then I would like to recommend you install the Latest Version of Cooking Fever Mod. Because this best game is directly related to our daily responsibilities. You can get two types of experience, one is techniques of cooking food with unlimited items.

Secondly, you can get experience in running a business of cooking and can set ideas to expand your business. These features make it the most addictive game for you. So follow me and download from our safe resource.

Frequently Asked Question

  • There are the following features that you can get and enjoy by playing the Cooking Fever Mod APK;
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Free to Download
  • Premium unlocked features

As you can understand the basic challenge by the name of Cooking Fever Mod. You have prepared yummy in your restaurant. Your mission will be to run a restaurant successfully and expand your name on a large scale. You have prepared the order in a given specific time, otherwise, you will lose your position.

Yes, you can download it on your Pc. But you do something extra. You will have to install the emulator downloading program that supports these files to download. Without this software, you will not able to enjoy it on your PC.


I am going to finalize my discussion happily because I’m satisfied with sharing this application with you. You can get each type of benefit related to skills and business. Cooking Fever Mod APK brings a pretty task to do. You will enjoy all the episodes by visiting the different cultures of the world. I’m sure you will be clear about the entire gameplay after reading my enjoyable article. Take the next step to become a most likable chef and give positive air towards the development of more dreaming areas.

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