MOD APK Latest Version (Unlimited Money/Reduced Zoom) MOD APK
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  • Name: MOD APK
  • Publisher: ApkMod
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 35 MB
  • Latest Version: v2.25.3
  • MOD Info: Unlimited Money
  • Price: Free

Introduction to MOD APK MOD APK, brings an enhanced gaming experience to the classic game. Dive into a world where you play as a cell, consuming others and growing larger to dominate the battlefield. With additional features like unlimited money, free customization, and a seamless gaming experience, MOD APK offers an arcade-style gameplay perfect for your free time.

Gameplay Features

  1. 2D Graphics:
  • Enjoy lightweight 2D graphics with smooth controls, allowing you to navigate your cell effortlessly.
  1. Play as a Cell:
  • Unlike traditional cell division, your goal is to grow in size by consuming other cells and becoming a mighty force on the battlefield.
  1. Consume Food:
  • Increase your cell’s size by consuming food scattered across the track. Beware, as rivals will also compete for the same resources.
  1. Grow Bigger:
  • Your character’s size increases with the food you consume. After some time, you can even devour your rivals.
  1. Eat Other Cells:
  • Become the winner by eliminating other players through strategic consumption.
  1. Compete with Friends:
  • Utilize the game’s party mode to compete with friends and showcase your cell’s prowess.
  1. Customize your Cells:
  • Personalize your cell with different graphics and colors to stand out among other players.

What’s New in MOD APK

  1. Free Customization:
  • Enjoy free customization without spending real money on enhancing your cell’s appearance.
  1. Unlimited Food Available:
  • The game provides unlimited food, removing any restrictions on your growth.
  1. Unlimited Money:
  • Benefit from unlimited in-game currency to purchase various animations for your cell.
  1. No Interruptions:
  • Experience a seamless gaming session with no interruptions or bugs to disrupt your gameplay.

How to Download MOD APK

As the modified version is not available on the Google Play Store, follow these steps to download MOD APK:

  1. Click on the provided download button at top.
  2. Locate the game in the download folder of your device.

Conclusion MOD APK offers a delightful arcade-style gameplay for those seeking a fun pastime. With extensive customization options and the primary goal of consuming rivals, it provides an entertaining experience. Opt for the hacked version to enjoy free customization and a unique gaming adventure.


Q. How do you customize your cell in

  • You can buy different animations from the store to customize your cell in

Q. How do you play the game?

  • In this game, you need to eat your rivals to eliminate them from the game. You can also increase your size by eating food.
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