Zombie Gunship Survival Mod Apk v1.6.85 Unlimited Gold and Money

zombie gunship mod apk
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  • v1.6.85
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In this modern world, almost everything is in our hands. In the past, just physical games were played. But now we have smartphones and Internet connections on them. We can do anything which we want. In this fast-progressing world, all types of games can be played as we move in reality. Today we have an amazing example of the modern era in the form of a game Zombie Gunship Mod APK.

It is a fully premium unlocked featuring game, which includes a huge package of interesting actions. You will encourage by giving the rewards like unlimited money and coins. How can you enjoy this game, let’s see this game takes the players into the battle world where bad Zombies try to engulf the whole globe.

In this situation, humanity lives in great danger but you can help humanity by killing them. The earth of your area will be filled with horrible monsters and have the purpose of blood. So, you will fight and fight the unlimited battle against the monsters. if players fail to kill the zombie then humanity will swallow by the enemies in the future.

About Zombie Gunship Survival Mod Apk

App NameZombie Gunship Survival Mod APK
Compatible Android 6.0+
Latest Versionv1.6.85
Size603 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/Ammo)
Google PlayDownload Apk

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The game starts when the entire human is engulfed and only one is left. Then he tries to survive by fighting with zombies. Players take off their arms and start to eliminate monsters from their countryside. First players have to recreate buildings, towns, military units, and necessary things. You have to use their skills to take a good start. You have to focus on making more protective buildings so that a large number of a citizen can gain protection.

zombie gunship survival unlimited money

To help you this game contains a huge variety of gunships. That plays a fantastic role in survival at high speed. Your task will be to use those weapons in a good way so that you can confirm your attack at the right position. As you upgrade your status you will unlock more guns that have dual capacity. Your guns can kill the nefarious undead and criminals.

To get more valuable things like ships you have to do good research and perform excellent actions. You have to use new technology and create troops to send on dangerous missions. Download this game and start your difficult journey. Try your best to eliminate the zombie and take back the peace of your area.

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Download Mod Features of Zombie Gunship Survival Android

Unlimited Money and Gold

The mod menu feature­ holds within it a limitless reserve­ of both money and gold, empowering playe­rs to unlock upgrades, acquire weapons, and bolste­r their base without any financial restraints.

Unlimited Ammo

The hack version of the sente­nce ensures that playe­rs never run out of ammunition. With unlimited ammo, playe­rs have the free­dom to unleash continuous firepower without any conce­rns about running low on bullets.

All Weapons Unlocked

In the modifie­d version, players have imme­diate access to a wide range­ of weapons right from the start, eliminating the­ need to progress through the­ game to unlock them. This allows for a diverse­ arsenal of destructive powe­r at their fingertips.

Free Shopping

Free shopping allows players to acquire items, equipment, and enhancements without spending any in-game currency. This feature enhances customization and armament options, bolstering the players’ strategic arsenal.

Key Features of Zombie Gunship Survival Mod APK Download

  • Action game
  • Available support for aviation
  • Variety of weapons
  • Assault, rifles, guns, snipers
  • Military support
  • Upgrading option
  • Auto-update
  • Various level
  • Online play mode
zombie gunship unlimited gold

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Highlights of Zombie Gunship Mod APK Latest Version

The game is full of fantastic features. to play smoothly some main highlights should be on the fingertips. During playing this game I have collected them for you. So, let’s learn about this game:

The Gameplay of Zombie Gunship Survival

We always searching for a unique game that has different modes. Developers of games always keep an eye on the interest of players. so there are many zombie games are available on the internet. We are hotly thankful to Zombie Gunship developers. Because it is one of those games that we always like to play. The gameplay of this mode is very interesting and amazing. You will the last survivor in your area and you have to defend your city.

You are the goal in this game and are very adventurous. You have to eliminate all the Zombies from your area. For this purpose multiple tasks, have to be done. For example to compete with enemies you have to make a strong military that can fight with full power. You will facilitate with AC-130s weapons system.

zombie gunship survival all weapons unlocked

Dead zombies go beneath the ground surface and move towards the tunnel and try to damage the protective parts of humans. You have to eliminate them from the ground before they reached tunnels. As you successfully forward you will collect the materials as a resource and then you have to construct your military bases. On completion of every level, you will get a great reward that can be used to update your weapons equipment bonuses and overall status.

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Variety of Weapons

Zombie Gunship Mod APK Unlimited Money And Ammo is not a simple game, it is also designed by competing with other action games. You will receive all the basic features that are found in all excellent games. Like all battle games, this game is also featured many types of weapons. All types of weapons include a bunch of single types. Like you will use over 30 types of cannons, with different types of rockets, AKM, a variety of sniper, rifles, and many others.

To begin the game you will receive the 25mm autocannon, more than 40 automatic guns, and some Gatling guns. Then you will further increase your weapons by completing the missions of killing Zombie. Different zombies come to attack you with different speeds and abilities of attack. According to the strength of your enemies, you have chosen your weapon type.

zombie gunship mod apk unlimited ammo

Two types of zombies exist that is small zombies with low speed and just walking. While another type is a large zombie that is strong and runs very fast. Zombie Gunship Mod APK also contains the maps. That is helpful to find the Zombie type at different locations. Chose the most powerful weapons to kill the bad Monsters and get more rewards.

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Maps with Various Ranges

Are you worried about the wide range of earth that is encircled by hidden Zombies? Your worries are useless because you will get the maps to consist of different locations and details of the presence of zombies. You can fight with full confidence and live anywhere. You should pick up the aircraft because they have great speed.

The most important specification of this game is gunship, which serves the players to reach mountains, thermal power plants, and many other dangerous areas. Each location is designed uniquely and offers a beautiful topographic. Topographs are designed in different that give a different method of playing.

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How to Upgrade Combat Squad

To upgrade the status of combat in Zombie Gunship Mod APK Unlimited Money And Gold you have to improve the potential of attack of your army. If you are fighting the battle on the ground, you should increase the number of gunmen and their weapons.

Various situations can challenge you. Maybe sometimes you stay failed to defend your army and decrease the number of your heroes. So you have to train them and give them self-defense training and skills of self-contained war. If your number decreases then you have to face a bleak situation.

In these critical conditions, only air raids can help you to improve combative situations. Various vehicles can provide you with the chance to attach with pinpoint accuracy. Then you should protect the people that are struggling to save their lives at the bottom. All these points will help you to Upgrade your level, weapons, and area.

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Don’t Need to Overheat

It is a reality Zombie Gunship Mod APK Unlimited Gold is a massive game due to many zombies. Therefore sometime you may release a large amount of ammunition. May you shoot without any vital reaction. Here I feel necessary to talk about the machine gun. The machine gun is used to move downward. But it can Overheat in minimum time. So ensure that you are not using extra ammunition. You should try to use the minimum amount of ammunition. Just use those things that are necessary according to the situation.

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Save Your Humanity

After the zombie attack entire community destroys and military materials decrease. While humanity survives with so little hope. But this little hope can reform all humanity. This hope is the Ac-130 gunship. You have to start your management to eliminate the monster by using the available resources. Weapons. Take part in different challenges like assault missions, use aviation support, and join Demolition missions.

Rebuild Base for survival

Zombie Gunship Mod APK Offline enables stop players to rebuild money buildings to enhance the chances of surviving humanity. You should use your creative skills and rebuild a base where you can plan about defense. Select the right location and start to produce your resources. Start to make your weapons and other items that are used to fight in any condition.

Play Online

Zombie Gunship Mod APK All Weapons Unlocked can also play online like other Android games. That’s why this game is right from all around the world. The huge likeness of gamers in courage the developers to update it regularly. You can share your achievement with your friends and also share your memorable action scene on other social media.

You can get more experience by discussing its features with the proper players. In this way, you can get better ideas to upgrade your army, weapons, levels, and yourself. There is also a second mode of this feature. You can play this mode to compete with proper players to get the highest score in all levels.

My Recommendation

I would like to suggest this game to play on your Android smartphone because I love this game. After all, its all feature is awesome. I have spent a lot of time playing this game. Its graphics and sound effects impress me. The most interesting thing in this game is that you have to open crates.

Crates are very beneficial because it used to equal the soldiers and gunships with new technical weapons. Joyable in this gunship battle Mod APK game is that you can move anywhere and can do anything that you want. You have a chance to build your army and you can guide your member as your wish. Must download and start to save a beautiful land.

The process of installing Zombie Gunship Mod APK Unlimited Money is very simple. The extra thing that you have to do is you should make sure that you are using the blue stock or Nox player, which is essential to support this game. Here I have a simple and easy method of installation;

  • First of all download the blue stack player on your Android PC, because it is an Android emulator that is very important to run any application on a PC.
  • After that move toward the file of Mod APK that is present on our site.
  • Tap here to start the downloading process.
  • After this, you have to install it but before you click on the “import from Windows” option
  • After installation clicks on the lunch button and starts to play.

Frequently Asked Question

There are some new things has come to see that is New Scenarios, a New leaderboard and
Technical issues that have been resolved.

Yes of course you can play this game online with your friends even any player from the whole world. You can also share your experience with your fellows and also can play against them as a topper


As usual, we meet on this platform with another amazing game. We have discussed all the main features that are important to play a game successfully. I hope you will be clear after reading my comprehensive article about Zombie Gunship Mod APK. The process of downloading is very easy. You don’t need to go anywhere from here. Just click at the download bottom and install it on your Android phone. I hope like me you will also enjoy its fantastic features.

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