Total Conquest Mod APK v2.1.5a (Unlimited Crowns)

total conquest mod apk
  • 4.1+
  • v2.1.5a
  • 4.2
  • 360 K
  • Free
  • 30 MB
total conquest mod apk
  • 4.1+
  • v2.1.5a
  • 4.2
  • 360 K
  • Free
  • 30 MB

Where is action lover? Come forward. We have another activity for you. See the Total Conquest Mod APK, known as a social strategy game. Make a goal in your dream life and lead an army to fight as a hero to defeat enemies. This combative game has a lot of features that will inspire each step. Let’s its description.

Conquest Mod APK offline unlimited crown excites the player to build their state. To keep safe the state gamers collect their army to fight and defeat the enemies.

Additional Information About Total Conquest Mod APK

App NameTotal Conquest Mod APK
UpdatedJan 18, 2021
Compatible Android 4.1
Latest Versionv2.1.5a
Size30 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Crowns/Offline)
DeveloperGameloft SE
Google PlayDownload Apk

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This game is the same as a clash of clans. It means the gameplay of both these games is mostly the same. Unlimited gold+apple gives rewards in the currency that can be used in the game to get a strong position against the opponents.

As Roman governor players achieve the task to develop a city-state. The mission is to keep saving this state. But if the Caesars killed are killed by the opponent’s players, you can’t play more. So, you’ll have to be linked with strong power. 

The victims will come forward to build a province and work as a manager to handle the difficulties of your state. There are many tools to defend the state, such as towers, walls, traps, gates, money, and garrisoned units. Call the trains and 10 units Wich is upgraded with specific power and role. War players lead the army against the enemies.

total conquest mod apk unlimited money

Accept the challenges from the victory, go to the battlefield with your weapons like a legion or call the powerful heroes to increase your strength. Get in contact with your helpers to fight with warriors. Get rewards to play more perfectly and math their score with the scoreboard.

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Features of Total Conquest Mod APK Download:

  • Free to download
  • Easy to play
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Can be played online and offline
  • Creative, role play, and action game
  • Building powerful armies to defend the city
  • Unlimited Money, gold, and gems
total conquest mod apk new version

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Highlights of Total Conquest Mod APK:

In this game, you will explore the amazing features. You have read my full article to know about the full gameplay to release the tension of playing. You will also visit the many dreamy places as you upgrade your level. Move below to see the main highlights of Unlimited Money Total Conquest Mod APK.

Network-Based Permissions:

Some devices are designed with some extra specifications. Devices always notify you to get access. This is done for safety. So, it is not a big issue. You just have to allow them. Let’s see may which types of this permission:

Approximate Location Permission:

Location is directly related to you. A system like to know where are you from. So allow the game app to access the location. It is necessary to turn it on. App asks this to determine where this game is playing. The sources of location finder are cell towers and wifi internet towers.

total conquest mod apk full screen

Control Vibrator And List of Accounts:

You will need to allow the app to control the vibrations. Total Conquest Mod app will like to know about the accounts, that your device has created by many other applications. So, allow this option without any confusion.

Network Access:

The app will ask you to allow full network access. This access is required to create a private socket to send data. This permission is not necessary. So, you can ignore this option.

Built-up Powerful Army:

This game is played in dual Mode. All the skills can be used here. You have played a role as leader of the city-state. You will protect your state from the attack of enemies. Not only this you have to train them to fight successfully. To defeat the brutal Victors you can use various tools or weapons to strengthen the warriors. You can get unlimited crowns and types of equipment without any cost.

total conquest mod apk unlimited crowns

Control of City and Roman Empire:

As I have explained that you will play as governor of the city, and all the states remain under your control of you. You will act to defend your city, but you have to care for the dignity of your people.

So, you have built houses, camps, and defense towers. To perform all these tasks, you will require a lot of money and unlimited gems and coins. But the latest version offers you all the construction for free.

Chance to Fight the Strategic War:

Here your wisdom will check. You will create many battle chances and fight bravely. Your planning to win the game make you superior in own your eyes. So, can enjoy the Total Conquest Mod APK as a strategic game. Your planning is responsible for your limit of rewards. So be careful to lead your army.

Gameplay of Total Conquest Mod APK Latest Version:

The conquest game depends on the level. The game comes with outclass graphics, which makes it very appealing. The player will face enemies that have bad attention. They want to destroy the state of players.

Gamers like to take action to save their home. They try to protect the state as they face enemies in real life. They construct some protective buildings, built an army, and get powerful towers by spending money new version offers unlocked features to enjoy freely.

Online Mod of Total Conquest Mod APK Unlimited Everything Download:

This game is perfect who love to play online and who want to save their internet charges. If anyone wants to show their wisdom or want to impress others with brilliant ability, they can play online. They can make friends and can play with selected friends.

How to Play Total Conquest Mod APK:

Modified version Total Conquest Mod APK offline unlimited all give you some challenges to win and get rewards. To become a winner you set a goal and try to achieve it. You have to guide the warriors and control the empire to keep safe your state from enemies.

For this purpose, you have built protective buildings, an army, camps, and powerful towers to destroy the habitats of enemies. To facilitate Their army to become more strong than the opponents, you will need money, gold, and coins.

These things you can do as rewards by playing given tasks successfully. This reward is very important to make a strong defense system. While apple comes as a game currency that helps you to increase your fighting capacity. If you have an old version, then you’ll have to buy the new features, because you will face new enemies with strong power. So, to complete the new power is necessary.

Some Tips:

Most players join the infinite Glitch. It gives unlimited reward sources, a large number of production of items, and instant building ideas, and the player can choose any building to use the power of glitch. But I think, in starting you should call the Architects because it is a very powerful unit.

You can face enemies in a complex situation. When you are provided with a legion to join, you should choose a strong item. And when your architect becomes 5/5 you should choose the legion to join. You can use the architect to build the buildings and walls.

Food Token Feature:

This is the most favorite feature of mine. If anyone can’t play properly, they can buy the food tokens with some money or gold. Now you are thinking about what is a good token and how can be used them. I have the answer to this question. A food Token is a card that has different capacities to deliver strength. These tokens are used to power up the army to fight with more confidence.

My Recommendation:

I would like to fulfill your wishes to play the game in your mood. If you are a battle lover, then you will follow me. I recommend it after all the confirmation about the safety of devices and legally perfect for you. Don’t worry about the storage capacity. You should pick this game to spend best your free time.

How to Download Total Conquest Mod Apk?

As I have told you, this is an action and role-playing game. I know you want to download the Total Conquest Mod APK latest version. Here I’m with you having the complete solution. So follow me and install the game on your devices:

  • First of all, you have to delete the old version if you have
  • Go to the link and tap there
  • Reach the file manager and find the Total Conquest Mod APK file
  • Tap on it to allow the install
  • Open the setting and allow that unknown sources 
  • Move back and click to install
  • Wait for some time
  • After completing the process open the app and start to play


Total Conquest Mod APK is the best choice who want to play action, battle, and role-playing games. If you think about the limitations, then you don’t need to think. It comes with unlimited features and offered everything unlimited. I explained all the features with advantages. So, can be found that it is based upon empire roman rules. The items are excellent with fantastic ability.

The theme is most attractive with beautiful animation, graphics, and style. A loveable feature is that you can live as a leader and control your army and lead your member to play specific roles. This feature makes you a superior person in a team. So, get ready, go to the link, and tap to install. I hope you will get all your confusing points in this game.

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