Megapolis Mod Apk v8.4 Unlimited Megabucks for Android

megapolis mod apk
  • 5.1+
  • v8.4
  • 4.4
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  • 136 MB

Do you want to build your own city? If yes, be happy. Because you are landing at the right place. You have gained the approach to Megapolis Mod APK. It is a city-building and exciting game. You can play a role as a leader in the development of the city. There are a lot of rewards is waiting for you. Move towards the fantastic features and important information.

Download Megapolis Mod APK is a unique strategic game based on the city-building game. The mission of the players will be the construction of a beautiful city by using new technology. You will meet with many other inspired features. Overall performance of the new version is more impressive than the old one.

Additional Information About Megapolis Mod APK

App NameMegapolis Mod APK
Compatible Android 5.1+
Latest Versionv8.4
Size136 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Megabucks/Cars)
DeveloperSocial Quantum Ltd
Google PlayDownload Apk

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The new update is provided by the developers after a short period. Which further improves the speed of the game. The latest version comes with all the lagging and bugs fixed, and more boosting. To make it more decorated and attractive, many new items have been added.

That may be gas mining tasks, airports, oil mining, or railway station. To make see the look of the garden, all types of flowers also can be cultivated. The high status of your town depends on your planning and abilities. Premium features will be available for free download to enjoy.

Megapolis Mod is the most played game on Android mobile phones and PC. A new update has come with satisfied specifications and likable graphics. You can get a chance to take part in the construction of infrastructure.

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Mod Features of Megapolis Mod Apk Android

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited everything
  • Unlimited Megabucks
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Highly developed technology to build a city
  • 3D illustration with attractive scenes
  • Opportunity to develop a relationship with neighbors and friends
  • Unlimited money, megabucks to gain material
  • Real experience with the best architecture
  • Opportunity to build the Ring road, airport, houses office, school railway¬†
  • Ads free application
  • Different contests to join
megapolis mod apk download

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Features of Megapolis Mod Apk

I know you are willing to play the Megapolis Mod APK unlimited everything. You have to select the best game to spend your valuable time on. Check the next, I have an important line for you about this game. That is necessary to know.

Realistic Building With Best Moments

You will get potential if you notice the statue of liberty and the Eiffel tower. Megapolis allows you to develop like identical cities. You have built an enormous building with precious moments. That fulfills your real dreams of heaven. You will construct houses, beautiful parks, and skyscrapers. You will use their desired view to add your dream city. All the new things you will see in your hand give a distinctive look to your town.

megapolis mod apk latest

Airports Department

You can also make your city a professional place. By building the airport you can show the city more sensible and practical. Not only this you can take the system of the airport into your control. To make a definable town, the raw materials will depend on your choice. To gain the guarantee of safety in the construction you can hire old molders builders and architectures. You will explore the new site to grow your business

Relations With Neighbors

You have satisfied your citizens by giving them all the facilitation. You will help the people of your city. By fulfilling the desires of people you will get a chance to get bits of help from neighbors. You have made a friendly relationships with others. So can get more profit to build an amazing town.

megapolis unlimited coins

Upgrade Transportation in Megapolis Mod APK

You also have to upgrade your status by improving the sources of transportation. You will airport. But for this, you should use planning skills in a modern way. Like, you will think about the right place, where the airport and other stations of transportation will suitable. You have to select an appropriate location for these buildings.

Latest Graphics

The game has come in access to high-quality graphics. You feel the real view behind the secret of 3D style. This feature is an important factor for all the games, here also it is valuable. The scene came to you in a dream world in the form of real actions.

megapolis unlimited megabucks

Contesting Features

One more interesting and exciting feature of the Megapolis Hack is the contesting. This challenge can never get boring for players. You can join the Mayor and contest to increase the ranking of your state. There is also a seasonal contest that remains to wait for you.

This will give you great rewards and can be used this reward to increase the status of the city. In the state, an action task is also present to play. I mean you can build your navy and related weapons. So, the contest or army can conduct in a single state to enjoy the fun.

Megapolis Industrial Complex Portion

To make a developed and economically strong city, you face the challenge to make a successful businessman. There is some manufacturing technique that you have to Apply to build the industrial portion of the city. This management increases the profit which can be spent to increase the area and decorations.

How to Play Megapolis

There is some point that should be cleared. Beginners can’t play very well if they will not understand. So listen to me carefully.

Your task will be to build a gorgeous city. And you have to work as you want to do in reality. There is a must to use modern technology. The first thing that is going to be in your favor. You will see some icons on the screen on the left side. That may be best basically. Click on each one by one. You see the details of the quest. There is a red Done button. Tap on it and get rewards after completing the challenges.

Secondly have to get practice to build cities. You have to construct multiple buildings. Every portion will be for a specific purpose. Unlimited buildings will increase the population. My advice is to you that you should prepare the residential towers, that make enable you to add more people. So, you can win a large number of people to develop the best society.

Shops and Free Shopping

In the Megapolis Mod APK, you can get some items by spending some money. There are many shops to visit and out. You will need some mega bucks. Megabucks provide constructive material. Visit the shop and buy a megabuck. Obtained money can be spent on anything. There are no restrictions or limits to purchasing the items. As everyone is dependent in real life.

My Recommendation

My wish is that all of you download this game. Because your dream of establishing a city can come true. The most loveable part of this game is that players can develop a city according to their choice and likeness. No, any power can disturb you in your work. As some strong or political people create obstacles to achieving the goal. Use your time to do something special. So quickly move towards the link to install on your devices.

Megapolis is a simulator and action game. Everyone can install it easily by following the given guidelines:

  • Go to the device‚Äôs security settings.
  • Click to allow unknown sources.
  • Come towards the download button and tap for download. 
  • Wait for some time. 
  • See the option Install and click there to get the Mod version of Megapolis
  • Now enjoy the game for limitless time.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, it is 100 percent safe. Our technical team has done complete research on it. So it was found completely safe.

Yes, this game is free of cost. No type of plenty you have to pay. Internet charges are required just for download.

Megabucks are status-conscious rewards. From the megabucks, you can get good quality materials to build the strategic city.


I can say with certainty that you have never played such a game before. You just dreamed that you would live like a king. And your subjects will be under your control. You will be ruling your state brilliantly. If I’m right, then you can fulfill your wishes to have this state on your device.

Yes, just you have to download the Megapolis Mod APK, and you can build a New design of an airport, railway station, shops, hoses, and some other gorgeous places. I have told you all the fractures, playing methods, and some secrets as highlights. I hope you will clear up all the confusion. Best of luck with construction.

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