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tekken 5 apk download
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Everyone with some knowledge would likely be familiar with the iconic Tekken Game series. This series has been highly sought-after on PlayStation gaming consoles. However, playing Tekken 5 Apk on Android is now possible. The mobile version offers gameplay and controls similar to the PlayStation version, allowing you to experience the game on the go. 

Additionally, Tekken 5 latest version introduces many new characters, allowing players to choose their favorite hero to engage in battles. Furthermore, numerous other exciting features await exploration. This article will give you a deeper understanding of the game and its offerings.

About Tekken 5 Apk Downalod Requirements 

App NameTekken 5 Apk Downalod
Compatible Android 5.0+
Latest Versionv 1.0
Size34 MB
Developerbandai namco entertainment

Overview of Tekken 5 Apk Download

Tekken 5 is widely regarded as one of the most well-liked installments in the Tekken game series. Its mechanics closely mirror its predecessors: players choose a character and combat against opponents, utilizing various techniques to secure victory. This mobile adaptation retains the familiar controls found in the PlayStation version, ensuring that Android users can experience the same level of enjoyment.

tekken 5 free download

Furthermore, Tekken 5 offers an array of game modes, enhancing its entertainment value. Here, we outline the numerous features available to players. If you love playing Tekken games, then you will definitely enjoy other titles within the series, such as Tekken 6, Tekken 3, and Tekken Tag.

Android Features of Tekken 5 Apk

tekken 5 apk android

Different Characters

The game features familiar and brand-new characters like ace fighter mod menu, allowing users to engage in battles with fresh heroes who possess unique fighting moves and skills.

Auto Save Your Progress

Like Life in Adventure. it includes an Auto Save function that saves your game progress automatically. By enabling this feature, you can ensure that you resume the game from the exact level where you left off, even after taking a break.

Stunning Graphics

The game boasts exceptional visuals of superior quality, surpassing its previous iterations. Moreover, players can customize the game’s graphics settings according to their preferences. To experience the immersive 3d open world with detailed graphics of background and character explore gangsters orleans mod menu.

Game Modes

The game offers various modes, such as Tekken Tag, providing players with options like Quick Battle, Story Battle, Arcade Battle, Network, Tekken Dojo, Attack, and Practice Mode. Players can select any of these modes, which are incredibly thrilling and enjoyable to play.

Challenging Levels

Developers acknowledge that only some players possess expert-level skills. Hence, they have introduced various difficulty levels to cater to different players. You can select from Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, and Ultra Hard difficulty levels. If want to play in multiplayer mode then, I would suggest to download guardian tales mod apk.

How to Install Tekken 5 Apk?

  • First, it is necessary to activate the Unknown Sources setting to permit the installation of applications from unfamiliar sources.
  • To access the Unknown Sources option on your device, navigate to the Settings App and locate the Security Settings. Within the Security settings, you can enable the Unknown Sources feature.
  • Obtain the Tekken 5 Apk application on your Android device. Allow sufficient time for the download to complete.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded the APK, you can find it within the Downloads directory of your File Manager Application.
  • To install the game on your mobile device, tap on the file and then the Install button.
  • The installation process will commence and may require some time to complete. Once it has finished, you can launch the game and begin playing.

How To Play Tekken 5?

Launch the game once it has been installed. Initially, you will be prompted by the game to grant permission to access your Photos, Media, and files. Tap on the Allow option to continue.

The game will display a notification regarding the Autosave feature. To choose/select or confirm, use the (X) button, while the (O) button serves the purpose of exiting the game. These buttons are present on the right side of the game controller. 

Then, press the Start button to initiate the game. Next, you will be prompted by the game to set up a profile. Press the (X) button on the controller.

Start by tapping the Arrow buttons on the left to switch between alphabets. If you wish to select an option, use the (X) button. To commence, tap the Start button and then proceed by tapping the (X) button. 

Please validate your name before moving forward. Following that, choose your designated zone. You have the freedom to select from various options, as it will not impact your gaming experience.  Next, you can select the level of challenge for the game, ranging from Easy to Ultra Hard.

The game presents an option to participate in the tutorial before commencing gameplay. You can choose either Yes or No based on your preference. Afterward, you will be required to choose the game mode. Feel free to select any mode that appeals to you and then press the (X) button to continue.

Now, depending on your preference, you can select the type of battle, either facing the computer or participating in a team battle. Choose your character and press (X) to continue to the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Question

Indeed, it is possible to enjoy Tekken 5 on your mobile device. If you own an Android device, you can easily acquire the APK file and install the game, granting you access to thrilling gameplay at your fingertips.

The Tekken 5 APK file is relatively small, at most 35 MB. However, during the installation process, additional game resources may be downloaded, which can also consume data and storage space.

In their respective domains, both games excel. However, as a newer version, Tekken 6 boasts a larger character roster than Tekken 5. Nevertheless, Tekken 5 holds a higher level of popularity than Tekken 6.


Here’s how you can enjoy Tekken 5 on your Android devices. Download the provided APK file and install it to begin playing the game. The gameplay and controls are straightforward, making it easy to understand. With its thrilling gameplay, you’ll be entertained for hours. 

However, it’s important only to download the apk from a trusted source to avoid malicious files. We suggest getting the APK from our website, as it is a reliable platform that prioritizes user safety.

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