Racing Moto Mod Apk v1.2.20 (Unlocked Bikes)

racing moto mod apk
  • 4.1+
  • v1.2.20
  • 4.2
  • 29K
  • Free
  • 8MB

Get ready for an amazing bike ride. That you can never experience in the real world. Racing Moto Mod Apk bike simulation will take you to a fast-paced bike race that you have never imagined before. Engage yourself in addictive racing on beautiful maps around the world. Exotic locations of games will definitely amaze you.

Racing was never this fun and easy. The gameplay is super fun and the controls are simple and beginner friendly. Anybody can play this game and enjoy it to the fullest on the first attempt. Just tilt your phone to change the direction and tap to accelerate your bike. Keep your finger on the screen to maintain the acceleration.

Additional Information About Racing Moto Mod Apk

App NameRacing Moto Mod Apk
Compatible Android 4.1+
Latest Versionv1.2.20
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/Moto)
DeveloperDroidhen Casual
Google PlayDownload Apk


Droidhen Casual developed this game for both Android and iOS users. You can install it on both devices and enjoy the addictive gameplay. Racing Moto is much loved by the gaming community due to its eye-catching graphics, exotic maps, and easy gameplay.

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Download Mod Features of Racing Moto Mod Apk Android

You can enjoy the game to the fullest with the mod version that is available on our website. The original version has an in-app purchase option in it. That means the bike and items are locked and you have to purchase them with real money. Let’s be honest who wants to spend real money on a fun game? We came up with this version, so you can enjoy the game without spending a dime.

Unlimited Money

You can unlock the bikes or other lock items with money. In this mod apk, you will get unlimited money to purchase your favorite item.

Unlocked Moto

In the racing moto, you will get one default bike and have to unlock other bikes with points that hard to earn and takes time. In this mod apk, all three bikes will be unlocked for you to enjoy.

No Ads

The original version has displayed the ads; to block this feature you have to buy the premium version. In the mod apk, you will get all the premium features for free. Enjoy your game without annoying ads.

The Gameplay of Racing Moto Mod

Racing moto hack apk is an android fast-paced racing game that will you adhere to your mobile screen with its addictive gameplay. The game is quite simple but doesn’t take it lightly because it keeps you engaged with the race. This is the sole reason, it has millions of downloads on the play store, and the gamers community around the globe loves it.

The game starts with an aspiring motorcyclist, who wants to dominate street racing and stand out in the other challenges. The protagonist will participate in moto racing across the different landscapes. Racing moto mod apk offers exotic maps of the desert, sea, forests, cities, or bridges.

racing moto mod apk download

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The intuitive gameplay will allow you to play and enjoy it to its full glory. The best part is racing moto doesn‚Äôt bother its user with unnecessary buttons or information on the screen. You will see, that the screen only displays essential features like the speed meter in the middle, your score on the top left, and boost points on the top right. 

You can control your moto with the motion of your mobile. Tilt right to move the bike to the right and vice versa. Gain the maximum speed of the bike by tapping the screen. Moreover, various color bikes are available with a solid look and powerful engines to give you a real biker vibe.

Highlights of Racing Moto Mod Apk

We have discussed racing moto mod apk impressive gameplay, I bet it has your developed interest in moto racing. Come and explore more amazing features of the racing moto.

Classic Biker Moto

Racing moto cheats apk put forward the most popular bikes of the moto era. These bikes have advanced designs and amazing cool colors that will definitely impress you. Carduelis and Titan are available for you to ride on. Keep in mind some bikes are locked like titan you can unlock it with 70000 pts. The bike has an incredible design combined with powerful engines to give the optimal racing experience.

racing moto unlock all bikes

Simple Motion Controls

After bikes, I personally love this motion control feature of a racing moto. Simulation racing was never this fun. You can overcome obstacles and complete challenges with the flexible motion of your phone. An easy one to touch on the screen to speed up your bike and match it with competitors is incredible. Tilt and touch controls make it fun to play.

Boost to Earn Points

Now that, I have mentioned the amazing bike collection available on the racing moto mod apk. You may want to unlock all for racing. You can definitely unlock all bikes by gaining scores. For this purpose, you have to accelerate your speed to a maximum level in the race and beat the other bikes. In this way, you will gain more points. Keep tapping on the screen or hold your tap to accelerate your bike.

Astonishing Locations to Race

Racing moto mod apk doesn’t bind its user to street race only. On contrary, it allows you to enjoy different landscapes of the world. Race on the epic maps. Can you imagine driving fast on a busy street in the city? Absolutely Not! Well, racing moto allows you to experience this fantasy, Race through trails of forest or on the never-ending roads of dessert. Every journey will give a different experience.

racing moto mod apk unlimited score

Traffic Tales of Streets

The gameplay is straightforward with simple rules. You have dodged the obstacles that will come your way. Those obstacles also include traffic cars on the road. The routes will randomly show you the traffic on road to take your racing to an extreme level. Developers of the racing moto mod apk have added quite realistic elements. You have to keep a close eye on the indicator of cars, to maintain a safe distance and outrun them.

Graphics and Sound

Gamers will find themselves immersed in eye-catching graphics and stunning in-game visuals. The backgrounds are also beautifully designed in combination with racing visuals. Android gamers can easily work with engaging gameplay and subtle graphics.

Sounds effects of bikes are also available that intrigues your interest. You will also enjoy the rock music effect during the racing and speed sound effects of bikes.

racing moto mod apk unlimited money

Offline Mode Available

You will be happy to know that the racing moto mod apk offers an offline mode for its gamers. You can enjoy your game wherever you want and whenever you want without connecting to the internet. 

Play for Free

Racing moto will definitely give you a good time and kick your boredom. In addition to offline mode, you can download this game for free from our website. 

Tips to Score More

Acceleration – You have to win a high score to unlock the latest bikes. To win a high score make sure you accelerate your speed to the fullest. The key to score is in maintaining the acceleration. The longer you maintain it, the higher you will score.

Indicator ‚Äď You will run into road traffic that makes your racing challenging. Watch out for the indicator lights of a car. They will indicate their move and you have to avoid crashing with them. Meanwhile, don‚Äôt let your speed go down.

The Drawback for Me

  • Racing Moto has a collection of three bikes only, I think, they should add more bikes in a new update. We could use more powerful engines and badass bikes.
  • Customization options should be available for the bikes and characters. I like customizing players and vehicles according to my liking.
  • I guess racing Moto lack physics programming as it doesn‚Äôt display the realistic crash of bike and cars. It could be improved for a better experience.

Uninstall any previous version of the game from your mobile devices and go to the device setting> Click ‚ÄúSecurity‚ÄĚ > Allow ‚ÄúUnknown Source‚ÄĚ

  • First, click on the download button given on the site.
  • The download will start immediately.
  • After it, click on the install button and install it on your device
  • Open the app and follow the instructions.
  • You are good to go, build your empire.

In order to install the android game on pc, you need to download an android emulator like Bluestacks or NOX player.

  • Click on the download button given below
  • After the download is complete, execute the file or click the ‚Äúimport from window‚ÄĚ button
  • Now click on the launch button and enjoy your game.


Gamers who are into casual and easy gameplay will definitely like this game. Racing moto mod apk has straight forward, easy game style combined with simple controls. Realistic elements of traffic make it more fun and challenging. The graphics are fairly interesting but sound effects add a fun tweak to it. Overall, the game is good and fun to play.

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