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With the passage of time, the world is becoming a global village thanks to social media influence. we have a variety of social media platforms currently available in the market. People use these social media platforms to interact with their friends and also with the external world.

These social media platforms have brought people together in a variety of ways. Today people use people around the globe use these platforms to advertise their businesses and interact with their circle of friends.

The most famous among all these platforms is Facebook. It is one of the biggest social media platforms available in the world. This platform also developed its own social messaging services through the Facebook messenger apk. This Messenger Mod Apk allows you to interact with people in a very convenient way, and share documents and video files.

Additional Information About Messenger Mod Apk

App NameMessenger Mod Apk
Compatible Android 3.1
Latest Versionv423.0.0.25
Size40 MB
Mod Features(All Unlocked)
DeveloperMeta Platforms, Inc.
Google PlayDownload Apk

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As this messenger app is part of one of the biggest social media platforms it does not allow sending and receiving text audio and video files due to its privacy and confidentiality policies.

Messenger Mod Apk is one of the modified versions of this messenger which surpasses all the obstacles that the original app can put into your messaging. The app is also secure and encrypted, which means now people can talk to each other, and share files and data without irreverent people being aware.

messenger chat heads

The original Facebook Messenger app may not allow sharing of huge files but with this Facebook messenger mod apk now people will be able to share huge files through zip folders which have made life a lot easier.

The overall interface of the modified version is also very clean, also like the original app, this modified version also comes with a search bar. The users can find the required chat history, files, and contacts within the app by using the search bar. This feature of the make will make life a lot easier for those would do use this app a lot. The search bar will help you save a lot of time by providing the flexibility of finding the desired information within a few clicks.

The files also work on Instagram. This means that the app can be used to chat and exchange files with your Instagram friends. Messenger mod apk files provide unlimited text messages, and unlimited audio and video files. People can join the call. So, if the user wants to talk to a larger audience then this application could be very helpful.

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Mod Features of Messenger Mod Apk Android

  • No Seen
  • Unlimited Features
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Anti-Delete
  • Can be installed on any device
  • Chat with friends using any custom theme.
  • Express emotions with emojis and stickers
  • Fast and secure chats, audio and video calls
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Easy to download and easy to install.
  • Can be used for sharing huge zip files
  • Chat is end-to-end encrypted¬†
  • Messenger mod apk is lightweight¬†
messenger mod apk latest

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Features of Messenger Mod Apk

If you are fond of dark mods then you get it right as this modified version has also a dark mod available. Now the eyes can take a rest in this dark mood.

The other cool feature which is only available only in this Mod version and not available in the original messenger app is the application of effects on video calls. These calls will give you a sense of pride when talking with friends and family.

The messenger app can be used to add up to 8 people in any call that has been made through this application. The quality of the audio and video calls is amazing. We observe no lagging or disconnection during these calls.

messenger mod apk unsent messages

The app is so powerful that friends can exchange movies and drama files with each other. If you want to send a link to the group and want friends to join the calls.With group link around.

Creating Chat Rooms to Chat With Selected Peoples

If you want to discuss something with selected people like friends and family all you need is to create a custom room and that’s it. within this room, you can add those selected people with whom you want to discuss different matters. The chats and calls within this room will be visible to only the people added to the room and will not be visible to any outsider.

messenger old version

Online Conferences and Meetups

With recent covid restrictions, people have developed the custom of meeting online instead of meeting face to face. With the help of this messenger now users can also meet online and discuss and collaborate with each other. The students and teachers can meet online to discuss and check progress on the homework and study for new things. Managers from the corporate world can hold online meetings with staff to discuss the projects and how they are progressing and to know the feedback from the employees.

Creating Poll

Have something and are not able to decide what to do? just create a poll and take others’ opinions on the subject. The poll can be on anything and you can also invite people to cast their vote in the poll. an example of the poll could be you are not able to decide between watching a movie together or watching the next football match on coming Sunday. Just create a poll and ask people to give their preference between the two options.

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Customer relations

Business loves to take feedback from their customers. With messenger mod apk, you can call directly the customers and discuss with them how they find your products and if they need any help regarding the products which they have just purchased. The customers on the other hand can communicate with you and inform you what they feel about the products they purchased from you. This feedback collection could help you make the product better and can also help you win customers’ loyalty.

Friends and Family Groups

If you want to create separate groups for your family and friends you can do it within this modified version of the messenger application. These groups will share data and information within the group only and all the chats and data exchanges will be secure and confidential within the group.

Our Recommendation

We recommend downloading this app for all users who want to exchange large data files with each other. the original messenger app will not support some kind of data files and will fail to upload and send. But with this app, now the users will be able to send and receive all file formats and all sizes of files.

The app is very easy to install. the great thing is that it can be downloaded in a few seconds and can be installed on any device.

  • Click on the download link 
  • The link will take you to the direct server where the files are in place for you to download
  • The file will require permission to download files from unknown sources.
  • Once the files are downloaded click on the install button.
  • After clicking on the install button it will take a few seconds to complete downloading the file.
  • Once the file is fully downloaded click on open to start the app

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the modified version is completely safe and can be downloaded and used on any kind of mobile. We have scanned these files before uploading them to our secure server. 

With an audio call on, you can add up to 50 people while making video calls up to 8 users can be added to the call. The call quality will not be affected by adding the full capacity of the users to the call, which is one of the great features of this modified version of messenger.

The app cannot be stored on the app store because it is a modified version of the original file. So to make it downloadable for our users we have uploaded the files to our server and that’s why the devices ask for permission for downloading the files from an unknown source.

There is nothing to worry about the security of the device if this message is displayed on the device. Just ignore the pop-up and grant the required permission and the app will be securely downloaded to the device.

Yes, the app can be used for private chats, don’t worry the chats are secure as the messages are end-to-end encrypted and only your intended persons can see the messages.


In this article, we have identified different features of this Messenger Mod Apk and helped you install and use the app on your phone. if you have any other questions just comment below this article and we will get back to you with answers.

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