LightX Pro Mod Apk v 2.1.9 (Unlock Pro Features)

LightX Pro Mod Apk
  • 6.0
  • v 2.1.9
  • 4.5
  • 492 K
  • Free
  • 96 MB
LightX Pro Mod Apk
  • 6.0
  • v 2.1.9
  • 4.5
  • 492 K
  • Free
  • 96 MB

If you have difficulty using adobe after effects and adobe photoshop for editing the photos just clicked then LightX Pro Mod Apk is just perfect for you. This application has been designed keeping in view the requirements of various levels of users. Even professional designers and photo editors can take benefit from this amazing tool.

The Cool thing about LightX Pro Apk is its user-friendly interface. So if you are just a beginner-level photo editor, you can use this software to edit your photos seamlessly. The interface does not have a clutter of different tools which may be confusing sometimes. Instead, it is a simple yet effective tool that can help you shape your photos within a few minutes and with marginal time consumption.

Additional Information About LightX Pro Mod Apk

App NameLightX Pro Mod Apk
UpdatedDec 22, 2022
Compatible Android 6.0 +
Latest Versionv 2.1.9
Size96 MB
Mod Features(Unlocked Premium )
DeveloperAndOr Communications Pvt Ltd
Google PlayDownload Apk

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The recent version of the tool has fixed the previous bugs to give you a more elegant designing and editing experience. It has a variety of different colors available which can be used to give a new look to every photo you want to transform.

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What does the LightX Mod Apk Offer?

With lightx pro, you can do the following things right from the comfort of your smartphone

  • Taking sweeping selfies.
  • Changing photo background
  • Combining pictures
  • Using photo frames
  • Applying different filters
  • Making cartoon characters
  • Adding color splash effects
  • Changing hair colors 
  • Putting text on photos
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We will explain these features in the article in more detail. 

Features of LightX Pro Mod Apk:

The tool has the amazing capability of automated updating or editing of the selected area. This is a cool feature because it will save a lot of precious time for the users. The curve and the color balance chains would help you to set the tone of your image in a professional manner.

With lightx mod apk dead skin smoothing feature, now you can give a new life to all your clicks. Different filters available within this tool are designed to give a completely new life to your pictures. That you can also help you fix the small imperfections within pictures very smoothly and without any hardship. 

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The user can switch between various color filters like Vintage cinematic white and black. with this new version now the user can make the picture lens blur background blur or even mask Blur. recording with this filter that you can save the whole thing and once you want to edit another picture you can apply all your previous processes to this new picture.

The color tool will help you manipulate your pictures within a split second to make them more attractive and eye-catching. With the help of this amazing tool, you can combine various photos together in one photo the way you like them. Once the pictures are combined and switched together, now you can apply different filters and can choose a variety of color combinations for them.

Like any other professional editing tool, all kinds of brushes and pens are available within the lightx pro mod apk. The users have the flexibility to enhance the color of each brush and pen and can also make them thicker or thinner according to usage. The brushes and pens can also change colors to make them fit the overall theme of the picture you want to edit.

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Best Professional Editing Tool – LightX Pro Mod Apk

The app has evolved with the passage of time. if you have the opportunity to see the previous versions of the app, it was just an ordinary editing tool. With time the developer of the app has done great work to make it one of the leading photo editing apps by incorporating all the best tools which could be used by any professional photo editor.

lightx photo editor pro mod apk

Currently, we can see a variety of different tools available in the market which help users to edit photos from the comfort of their smartphones. Lightx pro is one of the greatest addition to all those smartphone photo editing tools. If you have ever used all those tools, they sometimes lack some of the key features or tools which are required by every newbie photo editor to carry out their routine editing tasks. Another key discrepancy in those tools was the lack of a seamless user experience.

Paid and Free Versions:

Lightx pro mod apk is available on iPhone only in paid versions. This means the users could only use it if they pay the subscription money to the app developer. The app got so much popular that the developer was forced to make it paid instead of offering it free. After a successful launch for iPhone users, the app developer is now offering it free of cost to android users.

Well, the app will become ā€œpaidā€ in the coming days on android versions as well? This is one of the key questions that circulate among every android user of this app. the answer is not known yet. we are not sure how the market and the developer will respond to the usage of this app. but keeping its great performance and its popularity within the iPhone community we can predict that the app may become paid for by android users as well.

lightx pro mod apk download

Change Background:

This tool can help you in changing the background of your selected image on your smartphone. Within the app, we have a Lasso tool that can help in the recognition of similar areas and can help you change the background of your photo.

Color Splash Photo Effects:

With color splash photo effects you can Apply light in gray photo effects to the selected areas of your pictures.

Advanced Photo Transform Tools:

With the advanced photo transform tools, you can now crop, edit and merge pictures, change the color of hairs and make the teeth white to give a completely different perspective. Merge photos tool with merge photo so you can now combine your photos in different kinds of dark blends, light blends, and other similar combinations to give them a completely different look.

Frequently Asked Question

This is the modified version of the original version which is available free of cost and you can download it from our site without any hustle. The cool thing about this modified version is that it has all the features and tools that are available within the original paid version.

now you can take benefit from this free version without getting paid for the original version and also you will have the flexibility to obtain all the benefits and cool features which are available in the paid version only.
This modified version is completely safe and you can use it without getting affected by any kind of virus or Malware.

The answer is simple because due to its simple and smooth design all people that have not edited any picture before can also take full advantage of this application. All you need is to download the free version of the app and start editing your photos.
It will hardly take you a few minutes to understand the various features and tools of this app and once you are familiar with the tools and how they function you will be able to edit your photos within a few minutes.

With this tool, the user can start photo editing from scratch by just photo their photo and Start applying various tools and effects to their photos. alternatively, you can just pick up a design from the design library within this app and start your editing task. Either way, the app works perfectly and will help you save time and energy.

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