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In the past, people had to spend a lot of time getting along with other people and building relationships. Introverted people always find it difficult to find new friends and build any sort of serious relationships. Now things have changed a lot with the popular use of smartphones and the increased number of internet users. Now the introverted section of society is also able to find and meet new people, find new friends, and build strong and serious relationships.

With the increase in the number of internet users, things are getting online with time. Today people buy and sell through interest and students and teachers are studying online through Zoom and Google Meet today. So if everything is possible through the internet then why not relationships Here the role of dating apps and social media comes into play.

Additional Information About Badoo Premium Apk

App NameBadoo Premium Apk
Compatible Android 5.0
Latest Versionv5.333.1
Size126 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Credit/No Ads)
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With covid, the world has changed significantly and it has also changed the way people usually meet and greet. People usually now prefer to meet online instead of meeting physically and thatā€™s how the growth of the major social media and dating apps has significantly increased.

Badoo is one of the great platforms to help singles around the globe to meet their soulmates. One of the main things that make Badoo different from other social media platforms and dating apps is its diversity today the app is based in 190 countries and is available in more than 40 languages with more than 400 million online users.

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Another cool thing about the Badoo app is it is easy to navigate design and very simple signup process. During the signup process, the user is required to provide a very small amount of personal information which is helpful for people who are not too good with technology.

The app is available for both IOS and Android platforms which means you can download and enjoy using the app with your Android mobile and also using your iPhone. The biggest thing about using these dating applications help people around the world to meet with similar and like-minded people from different countries.

Now let’s talk about some facts and figure out how popular are these applications.

According to the available survey data, 58% of people around the world like meeting people through these online means. Those who found their loved ones online through these platforms like them more.

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How to sign up for Badoo Premium Apk and how to use the Badoo app?

Now that we have a rough idea about the introduction of the app let’s jump in to see how the app works.

To use the app, the users will have to sign up. When signup the app will require your age, gender, date of birth, city, and dating options like chats, friendships, and dating. The app will also require you to upload one of your photos. All this information is kept confidential and only visible to people who want to talk to you on the app once the user has put in all the personal data the app will send you an account verification link.

Just click on the verification link to verify your account and that’s all. With verification of the link, the user can now start browsing through the app and can find like-minded people. The signup on Badoo is overall very easy and even people with no technology background can sign up themselves within a few minutes.

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What kind of people are available on Badoo Mod Apk?

As explained the app has more than 400 million active users from more than 140 countries and they have different interests and looking for different kinds of relationships. The relationship could be just for chatting and sometimes people are looking for serious relationships and many want to find good friends in different countries. These people will help you understand different cultures and will also provide abundant information about the famous and unique things available in various countries. Unlike other dating apps, Badoo does not take information about the user’s personality.

Although it is perfectly fine to have a personality test so the app matches you with people according to your nature. But this time sometimes makes people curious about their privacy. Badoo does not take any such type of test and once the users complete the signup process, he or she is taken directly to the main dashboard of the app where they can start finding people as per their relationship needs.

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So people may ask whether the verification process is necessary. In my opinion yes, the process is necessary so people available on the app knew that the app has their personal information and they can be tracked down if they do something silly on the app. but there is no concern for people who wants to use the app for good choices and wants to have some fun while on the app. The verification process helps to provide a secure platform for all legit users. This process also helps people to have confidence in the app and the people they meet inside the application.

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Why photo verification is so strict on Badoo Apk?

The verification process especially when it comes to photo verification is strict on Badoo as compared to other similar dating apps. The main reason is the user’s confidence in the app. The team behind Badoo is ensuring that people are not get scammed or fall into wrong hands.

In previous years we have seen a lot of financial scams involving people from popular dating applications so to avoid such kind incidents from happening, Badoo has enforced a very strict photo identification and verification process upon its users. The restrictions are so strict that if a user does not upload a photo his account gets restricted and they are asked to upload a photo.

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Features of Badoo Premium Apk Android

  • Find the people from the nearest locations
  • All ages and nationalities people can be found online for friendship and serious location
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Best integration throughout all devices
  • Safe and secure
badoo mod apk latest version

Features of Badoo Premium Apk Android

Now letā€™s drill down to its main features and how they can make life easier.

Badoo Apk is Safe to Use

Badoo is one of the most diversified, advanced, and secure dating apps available online. The developer team has made a great effect to make the app suitable for both male and female audiences. The app does not allow to upload and explicit content.

This protection of explicit content is so strict that if the profile picture contains any sort of material that is against morality the picture will be automatically blurred and other users would not be able to see it. The app has both audio and video calling features and the users can chat via text messages as well.

Badoo is Fun to Use

Using this app users can record some fun videos and upload them to apply. This is a great fun way to interact with other users of the app and enjoy a great time with them.

The intention of all the users is clear on the app Some people want to sign up for this application only to chit-chat while others try to build a stable serious connection with other users on the application. This allows new users to find suitable people according to their needs and their desire for relationships.

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Badoo Premium is Fun to Use

Using this app users can record some fun videos and upload them to apply. This is a great fun way to interact with other users of the app and enjoy a great time with them.

The intention of all the users is clear on the app. some people want to signup for this application only to chit-chat while others try to build a stable serious connection with other users on the application. This allows new users to find suitable people according to their needs and their desire for relationships.

Badoo is Free to Use

Badoo is completely free of charge, within the free membership the users can also get all the features that any dating app user may need. These features include audio and video and text messages and interact with an unlimited number of other users. But if the users want to avail of some additional features which are not accessible to free users then you will have to pay a small amount for premium subscriptions.

Badoo Premium Apk Encounters

This feature allows users to find their matches easily and within a few clicks. The feature allows users to see the initial profile information like name, age, interest, and photos. If you like to talk and interact with the users you can just click the hurt icon and you will be instantly matched with that user.

If the user does not like to interact he/she can just press the cross icon and can move on to the next user. This feature is similar to swiping right and left like that used in Tinder. The users can also use the filters to choose people on the bases of their gender and age limits.

Badoo Nearby People Feature

If the users are interested in interacting only with local people, this nearby feature on Badoo can be very useful for them. This filter is so flexible, it allows you to filter out people on the basis of gender and even allows users to filter people by distance. This is very helpful if you want to find new friends around you.

So if you are looking for like-minded people in your neighborhood then nearby people will be of great help. Within the nearby people filter, the user can specify the exact distance around him to find like-minded people around.

The following are some of the key features that are available to Badoo premium users only

  1. Premium members get a notification when someone adds them to their favorites.
  2. The user will be also informed when someone like your pictures
  3. More messages readability
  4. More filters option
  5. Premium subscribers can check other people’s profiles without revealing their identities.

My Recommendation

We recommend using dating apps only if you feel that the person you are meeting is real and the information he provided on your profile is accurate and reliable also want to guide our readers that dating applications are now severely used for fraudulent activities and the users should do their due diligence before taking any serious decision.

The primary purpose of dating applications is to have some quality time online with other users. But if you want to build some serious relationship right from the comfort of your home then they shall go the extra mile in identifying certain characters to ensure they do not fall prey to some fraudsters.

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  1. The installation process is very easy, you have to follow the following steps to download and install the app on your devices and use it without any hustle.
  2. Click on the download button
  3. Once you click the download button the app will require you to provide permission to download the app from an unknown source.
  4. Just give the permission and let the device download the file
  5. Once the files are completed and downloaded, the user can just go on and start using the application.

Frequently Asked Question

There is a variety of features that are unique to Badoo only, for example, Badoo is the only dating app that has around four million users which is a bigger number than the entire USA population. The second most exciting feature is its worldwide availability. The app could be found in more than 47 languages and is available in the majority of countries around the globe.

When the user wants to download the file and clicks on the download link then a message pops up and asks permission from the device owner for downloading the application from an unknown source. This is normal and 100% secure. Let me explain it to you in more detail.

According to one research, about 50% of people feel comfortable providing their personal information to applications on their mobile devices. This means that about half of the users do not want to provide their personal information because they do not consider these apps secure and they fear that the information would be misused or exposed to unintended people.

We have seen many scams in the past and scammers usually used the dating platform tinder for their fraudulent activities. Some of us might wonder how it is even possible. Well, it is possible because does not have strong security features and they are less concerned about the confidentiality of usersā€™ data. People usually create fake tinder accounts for their illegal aims and then try to scam people using this false information and fake photos on their profiles.

On other hand, Badoo has incorporated very strong security features in its application, which protect scammers from doing any sort of illegal or fraudulent activity using Badoo. Thatā€™s one of the core reasons that the majority of the users prefer Badoo over tinder for their dating and serious friendship needs. Badoo’s security system is so strong that it will catch you if you try to upload any photo from online sources and will suspend your account within a few minutes.

As you may already know that around 84% of the USA population uses mobile phones but the fun thing is Badoo is more popular in Europe than in the USA. Badoo does not mean that Badoo is not loved by united states users the app is also popular there.


Social media and dating apps are emerging with time. Previously these apps were used only for fun and the user usually used them for pass time only. Now as these dating applications have gained more popularity users around the globe can now trust them more.Ā 

That is why people are using these dating applications to find their soul mates and other serious friendships. As we have discussed above the major thing that stops someone from using dating apps are confidentiality of their information and trust to meet the right people. With Badoo Premium Apk, these two specific features have been emphasized and improved.

With such advanced security and confidentiality features, people are now trusting this dating application and more and more users are joining them.

The future for dating websites and applications like Badoo is bright which can be seen from the improved number of users. The number of users is increasing continuously and more and more internet users are joining these dating applications.

We have tried to help our readers identify the major features of the Badoo app. After reading this article you will be able to download and install the Badoo app free of cost and with ease.

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