Wonder Zoo Mod Apk v2.1.1a (Unlimited Money/Gems)

wonder zoo mod apk
  • 2.3+
  • v2.1.1a
  • 4.4
  • 33K
  • Free
  • 50MB

If you are an animal lover, you will definitely love this game. Wonder Zoo Mod Apk is a casual game with few combat tweaks. As the name explains. This is a zoo simulation game that has beautiful wild animals like elephants and horses. You will also see 3d phoenixes and zebras.

The game has an amazing scene in 3d motion graphics and an adventurous storyline. You will be a wild animal caretaker. Who breeds and protects them from danger.  Hero (You) will go on various missions in the forest to complete levels. The game offers several maps full of amazing scenes that are carefully designed for nature admirers.

Additional Information About Wonder Zoo Mod Apk

App NameWonder Zoo Mod Apk
Compatible Android 2.3+
Latest Versionv2.1.1a
Size50 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/Gold)
DeveloperGameloft SE

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The Gameplay of Wonder Zoo Mod Apk

Wonder Zoo Hack Apk offers a fictional zoo environment for users to enjoy. You can build your own zoo filled with various giant and small wild animals.  The game is based on the park management concept where you have to feed animals and keep them in a safe environment.

You will participate in various adventurous quests and hunt predators. Wonder Zoo Apk Mod has 7 fascinating maps forest, farm, alpine, arctic, or desert to name a few. You can go back in time and procure extinct animals like dinosaurs. Save extinct animals from a past era and bring them into your zoo and treat them well to make them more beautiful.

You can create a dream zoo in Wonder Zoo Cheat Mod Apk by acquiring different animals. Wild species that you can only imagine owning. But in wonder zoo apk, you can host them in your own zoo land. Save animals from thieves and give them space in your zoo. Through this, you can expand your zoo and hire more staff to look after them.

wonder zoo mod apk download

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Plot of Wonder Zoo Mod Apk

The story starts with your entrance to a safari park. There a predator with his minions is stealing the animals from the family. Your goal is to rescue these wild animals from stealing. 

Save these animals and give them their own cage in your zoo where they can live freely and happily.  Your warm and friendly staff will nature them as their babies and the farm will eventually be a happy big family.

You will play in a 3d zoo simulation with captivating nature scenes and discover unique animals like unicorns and phoenixes in various locations.

wonder zoo mod apk latest version

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Features of Wonder Zoo Mod Apk

Explore further amazing features that Wonder Zoo Mod APK latest version has to offer.

Explore Captivating Maps

I love the map options. You are not bound to only a farm or forest location. Wonder zoo mod apk offers seven different maps to choose from. Fascinating places like mountains, arctic, farm, savannah, farm, alpine, and forest. All zones are carefully designed with 3d images to provide an optimal wild vibe.

Explore Wild Life

Wonder Zoo allows you to explore the wild with 3d motion technology. Realistic images of animals give a smooth and authentic experience of the zoo environment. Roam with your favorite animal and know about its attributes. You will experience authentic zoo life and the responsibility for animal safety.

wonder zoo mod apk unlimited gems

Coin Collection

In this game, you have to earn coins by completing the task. Collecting coins are important to buy items for expanding the zoo or acquiring animals. But coin collection demands patience, you have to complete the task like breeding animals. You have to wait until they finish eating. But you can save yourself from this hassle by downloading the zoo wonder mod. In this version, you will get unlimited coins in-game. I understand nobody wants to spend money on a casual game like this. Save your money with this version and enjoy all the premium features.

wonder zoo mod apk unlimited money

Win Freebies

You can win free ornaments in the game to decorate your zoo. Developers distribute freebies every day to active players. You need to play the game daily and open it around the same time in this way, you will get freebies from developers for free. Moreover, visit the helipad in-game to collect three different coins bronze, silver, and gold. These coins will help you expand the zoo.

Build Dream Zoo

Explore and collect unique and different animals around the world. You can change time and travel back in an era to acquire incredible wild species like dinosaurs. You can also collect fantasy unicorns and phoenixes but in order to acquire such unique species, you have to complete the difficult quest.

Build and Socialize

You can also make friends in the game. Your friends will also be zoo owners. Help them with your skills like tracking and hunting and socialize with them daily. You can also befriend dogs on your near farms. Create a positive environment around you and it will ultimately help you to acquire more unique animals. 

Unlimited Money

Money is important in every world. It is essential in this fictional zoo world also. In order to purchase any land, animals, or resources like gasoline you need money to buy all these. In this mod version, you will get unlimited money and unlimited gold to decorate your zoo. Don’t worry this version is completely safe and anti-ban. To download this game, your device doesn’t need any rooting.

My Recommendation

The game revolves around the theme park and decorating it with plants and animals. Children will definitely enjoy this game and love the animals. They can experience the zoo in 3d images and learn about them. The game feature of interacting with others will teach them better communication skills and animal safety. 

You can play it to avoid boredom and indulge yourself in mesmerizing scenes. Or just do the construction and expand the zoo with unlimited gold and silver. Decorate your zoo with little coffee shops, cute pets, and plants that always greet you. Create all this cute stuff in your wonder zoo mod apk unlimited money.

  • Uninstall the previous version from your devices, if installed
  • Go to Settings and click “Security” Allow “Unknown Sources”
  • Click on the download button given on the site
  • The download will start immediately
  • Open the app and click the install button
  • Follow all the instructions given inside the app
  • You are good to go, Build your own zoo.
  • In order to install the android game on pc, you need to download an android emulator like Bluestacks or NOX player.
  • Click on the download button given below
  • After the download is complete, execute the file or click the “import from window” button
  • Now click on the launch button and enjoy your game.

Frequently Asked Question

This version is the modified version of the wonder zoo apk. The original app has an in-app purchase option in the app. In which you have to buy coins with real money. If you download the app from apkfelx, you will get unlimited coins and gold to spend in the game. This app is safe and secure, doesn’t contain any viruses, and is anti-ban.

First and foremost, filed your zoo with the maximum species it can accommodate. Decorate the zoo to the fullest after it, click on the space beyond your zoo fence and click on “Expand” from the tool menu.

In order to collect a large number of coins, and feed animals like lions and elephants, they take time to feed and pay more than once. Or you can use unlimited coins in this mod wonder zoo.

The best way to get hearts in the game. Is to pay daily visits to your neighbors. Meet and greets your neighbors and help them. Or you can also collect hearts by building structures and houses.

You can get nuts by clicking on the symbol “Free Nuts” from the coin menu. Or you can purchase them within the app by clicking on the top screen.

To breed animals, click on the tool menu and select the manager symbol. You have to select an animal of the same species in order to start the breeding process.

The new version is compatible with offline play. You can build your zoo without any internet connection

You can expand the territory by clicking on the outside of the zoo in the right corner. You first need to fill the existing land habitat. Further expansion requires a large amount of money and time.

In wonder zoo, you can save animals by feeding them their favorite food.  Go to the tool menu and click the wild icon after it locates the animal with a red cross that will glow over his head. Follow it until it gets tired. Now feed the animal with good food, the quality of food determines the salvation.


I hope you like this article about Wonder Zoo Mod Apk. This casual game with an exotic location will definitely amaze you. Discover new specie now by downloading them to your devices.

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