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Dive into the world of strategic conquests and diplomatic brilliance with Age of History 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Craft your narrative, engage in epic battles, and shape the course of history in this captivating strategy game. Developed by Lukasz Jakowski, the mastermind behind the Age of History series, this sequel introduces players to a world where leadership, resource management, and historical creativity collide.

Game Details

  • Game Name: Age of History 2 MOD APK
  • Publisher: Lukasz Jakowski
  • Genre: Strategy
  • MOD Info: Unlimited Money

Crafting Your Historical Narrative

Age of History 2 MOD APK takes the strategy genre to new heights, allowing players to rewrite history uniquely. As a leader managing nations across various eras, you’ll navigate through ancient, medieval, modern, and future times. Engage in diplomacy, build armies, and make critical decisions that will leave a lasting impact on your nation’s destiny.

Detailed World Map with Historical Borders

The game’s detailed world map isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a vibrant canvas that recreates historical borders authentically. Witness the rise and fall of empires, conflicts, and treaties, represented through meticulous borders. The map evolves dynamically as you progress through different historical periods, offering a visual representation of your decisions and the unfolding events.

Deep Diplomatic System Between Civilizations

Dive into a diplomatic world where alliances, trade agreements, and conflicts shape the fate of nations. As a leader, your choices in diplomacy impact relationships with other civilizations. The game goes beyond the basics, ensuring your diplomatic decisions have complex and lasting consequences on the development and history of your nation.

Script Editor: Crafting Your Historical Scenarios

Unleash your inner historian with the unique Script Editor feature. Craft events, scenarios, and changes, defining the narrative as you see fit. Beyond generating events, the Script Editor allows you to shape consequences, offering new possibilities, challenges, and variations for nations. Share your creative works with the global community and let others experience the historical narratives you’ve crafted.


Experience the intensity of revolutions as you alter the course of history. Lead a revolution to overthrow regimes, change political landscapes, and shape the destiny of nations. The Revolution system is intricately designed, requiring a delicate balance of leadership, resource management, and strategic decision-making. Feel the weight of your choices as you navigate through emotionally charged and tense narratives.


Age of History 2 MOD APK brings unlimited possibilities to the world of strategy gaming. Whether you’re reshaping historical borders, engaging in complex diplomacy, or leading revolutions, this game offers an immersive experience that challenges your intelligence and creativity. Download now and embark on a journey where history is not just the past; it’s the future you’re shaping.

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