Ludo Star Mod Apk v1.165.1 Unlimited Gems and Coin

ludo star mod apk
  • 4.4+
  • v1.165.1
  • 4.3
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  • 155 MB

Hi guys! I warmly welcome you to my site. My invitation to join my recommended application will be fantastic for you. Because I’m going to introduce a game that is matching to your childhood and old days.

These days are the days of smartphones. You can fulfill your addictive habits. Yes! I’m telling you about the Ludo, which Is used to be played by sitting in a group at a place. As time has changed, you can enjoy your days by playing the Ludo Star Mod APK. Stay here to see the details of this game.

Additional Information About Ludo Star Mod Apk

App NameLudo Star Mod Apk
UpdatedAug 21, 2023
Compatible Android 4.4+
Latest Versionv1.165.1
Size155 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/Auto Win)
DeveloperGameberry Labs
Google PlayDownload Apk

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Ludo Star is a game that is played with two, three, or four members. The game can be played with all people around the globe. The unique feature of this game is that children should learn math. The different version comes with exciting and wonderful features. This straightforward game allows people to get unlimited coins jewels and prizes.

ludo star auto win

Some people like to play in friends’ mods and some like to play in matches. This game develops more interest because it allows you to get more scores by playing with expert players. You can’t only play with people from your own countries, but you can stay in touch with people from the whole world.

You just have to allow yourself to match with other players. Not only this you can play with your close friends. Your mission is to get all tokens that have your opponents.

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Mod Features of Ludo Star Android

Unlimited Money, Gems, and Coins

Ludo Star Mod Apk opens up a whole¬≠ new world where the¬≠re are no financial limitations. It provides unlimite¬≠d money, gems, and coins, giving players the¬≠ freedom to amass in-game riche¬≠s without worrying about scarcity. With this feature, players can dive¬≠ into games, unlock exciting feature¬≠s, and personalize their e¬≠xperience to the¬≠ fullest. Whether it’s purchasing ite¬≠ms, accessing premium content, or customizing avatars, the¬≠ limitless wealth enhance¬≠s gameplay possibilities.

Auto-Win Function

In modifie­d versions of Ludo Star, players can utilize the­ auto-win function to swiftly achieve victory. This feature­ allows players to sidestep the­ need for traditional competition and ove­rcoming challenges. Although it facilitates progre­ss, it also diverts attention from strategic de­cision-making and the exhilaration of fair competition.

Key Features of Ludo Star Mod APK

  • Playable game with friends and family
  • Comes in four colors to make a difference between players
  • The colors are red, blue, green, and yellow
  • Can be login with Facebook, Google account and Whatsapp
  • Can be randomly played with 2 or 4 players
  • Multiple Mod variations: classic, master, and Quick
  • Can be paired with others to become team up
  • Chatting can be done, besides this emoji, gifts, and harmful things can be sent.
  • The new version comes with a video chat
  • Lucky dice; can be sent to friends
  • Can pick up the cards on a daily basis to get money, gems, and gold¬†
  • Download for free
  • Best choice for all ages.
ludo star latest version

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Highlights of Ludo Star Mod Apk Download

This is a very simple game and but it is played on smart devices. Some basic things are a little different from the Ludo that you played in your old days. But there is no problem. I’m here for you. I will give you guidelines to play in detail. Firstly, you should know about its main parts. so let’s see:

The Reality of Ludo Star Android

It is a board bases game that was first known in ancient India. But now the Ludo star is famous all around the world and is enjoyed by friends, family, old and younger. The game comes in many versions, and all versions include different modified features and rules.

ludo star mod apk download

Rules of Ludo Star Game

Rules are very easy and understandable. I would like to recommend you try to play as the first player. Then leave their six tokens by following the direction of their Stars. You can move tokens in the direction and part of the board. You’ll have to keep safe themselves from the opponents from getting the block. After coming on the board player have a chance to move one more time. You can move in any direction horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. If you become successful to get all six tokens, then you will be a winner.

ludo star unlimited six

Areas of Board and Dice

The game board is divided into four areas. All four areas commonly called home, are separated from each other by a running path. Divided areas are specific from one corner to another with a specific color. Each division consists of six further divisions. Dice run in these divisions to reach the main point, which can’t be blocked.

Video Chat And Communication in New Version

The old version has come without a chat system. Then the publishers modified it. Then the chatting system was introduced and people were excited and happy to use these features. Later on, the game was updated with voice features. Users were very excited to use these features. But now the new version comes with a video chat system, which is a fantastic feature. People can enjoy the game through video chatting.

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My Recommendation

This is my favorite game because it is a very interesting game. Playing I enjoy many things, games to play, chat, voice chat, and excitement by blocking the Dice of opponents. I highly recommend it to download and play. Like me, you can enjoy many features with different Mods. The big thing is that you can communicate with other people. You can visit the world in play Mod, which is a fantastic activity.

Don’t think that to enjoy these multiple features you have to do some extra. Just follow the steps given below;

  • Ensure your internet connection
  • The last version has to be deleted.
  • Click on the given link to download
  • Wait for some time to complete the process of the download.
  • Open the file manager and go to the folder of the download
  • Find the name of Ludo Star Mod APK and click that file 
  • Allow to install and ignore the option of cancel
  • Follow the process of installation and allow it
  • You have to wait for the install
  • After completing the process you will see two options. One is done and then the second is open
  • Click on Done and open the App
  • Now it is the time to enjoy

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Frequently Asked Question

The creator of the game is the studio XIMAD. They are also the developer of many other board games.

Yes, of course, you can play with friends, family even all the people of the world. You can play as a team-up by joining other players.

Users are always conscious of their devices. We always care about that. So we have checked it through different software. So don’t worry, take a step to download.


I hope after reading my article you will accept my invitation to join this game. You can’t miss this app, which is giving you more fun. There is no game like this Ludo Star Mod APK latest version. You can stay in touch with your family and friends. You can invite people, make friends and enjoy more fun with them. As I told you that you can communicate with game fellows, and this feature makes this game a realistic game. You play with real characters and connect directly. I hope you follow me to download it and then thank me to introduce this amazing entertainment.

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