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Step into the shoes of a seasoned detective with Criminal Case Mod Apk, an intriguing adventure and puzzle game that pushes your investigative skills to the limit. Published by Pretty Simple, this modified version introduces unlimited energy, stars, hints, and points, providing an enhanced gaming experience. Join us as we explore the world of Criminal Cases, where each crime scene becomes a captivating puzzle waiting to be solved.

Additional Information

  • Genres: Adventure
  • Publisher: Pretty Simple
  • Size: 67M
  • Latest Version: 2.41
  • MOD Info: Unlimited Energy, Stars, Hint, Points

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited Hint
  • Unlimited Point

Begins a Thrilling Detective Career

Your journey as a detective unfolds with Criminal Case Mod Apk, presenting a series of complex puzzles. Armed with hints, you embark on a quest to search for clues cleverly hidden in vibrant crime scenes. The game’s hidden items gameplay style challenges your observation skills, promising an entertaining yet brain-racking experience.

Various Cases with Chaotic Crime Scenes

To unveil the culprits behind each crime, you must meticulously search for items linked to the victims. While names may offer assistance, the delicately hidden items demand keen eyesight. Collecting evidence allows you to proceed to other scenes or directly identify the culprit. Brace yourself for more complex and extensive crime scenes that require thorough exploration.

Examine the Found Clues for Progression

In addition to searching crime scenes, analyzing collected clues is vital for progression. Each item holds relevance, allowing you to eliminate unnecessary elements and gain insights into motives or psychological effects on the perpetrators. Successful analysis aids the police in swift arrests, saving time for examining new clues and scenes.

Diverse Game Modes for Entertainment

Criminal Case Mod Apk introduces various game modes, adding a new dimension to the hunt for essential clues. Instead of using names, the game features silhouettes of compatible items, making observation and comparisons more interesting and dramatic. As your detective career progresses, the number of silhouettes increases significantly, intensifying the plot and pacing in each puzzle.

Interrogate Witnesses and Suspects

Interrogating witnesses and suspects plays a crucial role in finding clues related to the perpetrators and expediting case processing. Navigate through different tricks and traps as you interact effectively to unveil the exact culprits. Larger-scale cases introduce new characters, offering a chance to test your detective skills through people interactions rather than item examination.

Complete Special Challenges

For those seeking more danger and complexity, Criminal Case Mod Apk features special challenges with undisputed difficulty. These challenges present an increased number of items and promise exhilarating detective experiences. Accumulate progress points in the challenge system to unlock new content and enjoy additional gameplay. Exciting events with rewarding challenges await, ensuring a refreshing and immersive detective experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned detective or a newcomer to the crime-solving scene, Criminal Case Mod Apk guarantees an engaging and rewarding journey through the intricacies of detective work. Download now to unleash your inner investigator and conquer the mysteries that await!

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