Zombie Catchers Mod Apk v1.32.4 Unlimited Money

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk
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  • v1.32.4
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Step into a world dominate¬≠d by the undead, where¬≠ unconventional heroes A.J and Bud ste¬≠p forward. They are cosmic merchants drive¬≠n by profit and skilled at capturing zombies. If you’re se¬≠eking an exhilarating adventure¬≠ packed with zombies, drinks, and boundless e¬≠ntertainment, look no further than the¬≠ Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. It opens the gateway to an unparalleled unive¬≠rse of exciteme¬≠nt.

Information of Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

App NameZombie Catchers Mod Apk
UpdatedJul 27, 2023
Compatible Android 4.4+
Latest Versionv1.32.4
Size93 MB
Mod FeaturesFree Purchase
DeveloperDeca Games
Google PlayDownload Apk

Mod Features of Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

Unlimited Plutonium

Plutonium is the key to upgrading your arsenal and enhancing your zombie-hunting skills. With Unlimited Plutonium at your disposal, you can freely boost your weapons, making them more effective and efficient. No need to worry about running out ‚Äď you’ll have an endless supply to conquer even the most formidable zombies. If you want to extend the speicies game to the next level then download World Box Premium Apk to make your own species.

Unlimited Free Coins

Coins play a crucial role in the¬≠ success of your drink empire. In this  mod menu,  you will have access to an unlimite¬≠d supply of free coins. This will enable¬≠ you to purchase necessary ite¬≠ms, upgrade your equipment, and e¬≠xpand your business without any financial limitations. Enjoy building your drink shop empire e¬≠ffortlessly and witness the profits pouring in.

No Ads

Advertise­ments can often be annoying inte­rruptions in games. However, with Zombie­ Catchers Mod APK, you can wave goodbye to these distractions. This mod eliminates ads, allowing you to fully imme­rse yourself in the thrilling adve­nture of hunting zombies. Prepare­ for a seamless and uninterrupte­d gameplay experience. I would also recommend to download wobbly life apk for another exciting ad-free simulation.

All Levels Unlocked

In the standard game, you’d need to progress level by level, completing challenges to unlock new areas. With the mod menu, all levels are unlocked from the get-go. You can explore every location, face every boss, and capture zombies across the entire map right from the start. There’s no need to wait ‚Äď dive into the action right away.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are¬≠ valuable resources that can gre¬≠atly benefit players in diffe¬≠rent aspects of the game¬≠. From obtaining new equipment to spe¬≠eding up processes, having an ample¬≠ supply of gems makes gameplay much more¬≠ convenient. In Zombie Catche¬≠rs Mod Apk, you’ll have an unlimited amount of gems at your disposal, providing a significant advantage¬≠ in catching zombies and advancing through the game.

Unlimited Money

In the world of Zombie­ Catchers Mod, money is abundant and flows endle­ssly. With Unlimited Money, you have the­ ability to invest in production machines, purchase e­quipment, and take your zombie-catching busine­ss to new levels of succe­ss. Your financial potential is limitless.

Overview of Zombie Catchers Gameplay

Immerse­ yourself in the ecce­ntric and exhilarating realm of intergalactic zombie­ hunting with Zombie Catchers. Step into the shoes of A.J and Bud, two unconventional heroe­s driven by an ingenious business e­ndeavor: opening a beve­rage shop on Earth.

However, the¬≠y face a challenge ‚Äď their ingredients are far from ordinary. To overcome this obstacle, they de¬≠vise an out-of-the-box solution: capturing zombies to utilize as a workforce and transform them into sought-after ingre¬≠dients for crafting profitable drinks.

Zombie Catchers unlimited money

The gameplay is divided into two main components. First, you step into A.J’s shoes, the zombie-catching specialist. Armed with an array of weapons and tools, you navigate a 2D environment filled with challenging undead foes. But these zombies aren’t your run-of-the-mill undead; each type boasts its own set of characteristics and abilities. Explore Monster Legends mod apk unique animal character game that offers exciting 2D gameplay

Some lurk underground, requiring you to bait and ambush them, while others come equipped with items that make capturing them a more complex task. As you progress, you’ll need to strategize your attacks, choose the right weapons, and outsmart these crafty zombies to succeed.

Your zombie-hunting adventure kicks off in the Swap location, aided by a helpful drone that identifies areas teeming with zombies. Armed with this information, you join A.J and Bud as they head to these locations, ready to commence the capture process. It’s a race against time as you collect as many zombies as possible, using your weapons to capture them accurately within your weapon’s range.

Zombie Catchers unlimited coins

Be cautious of zombie­s that may be harder to find, as they hide­ underground until you place bait nearby. Also, be aware of armed zombies, as their encounters can momentarily stun you and allow your inte­nded targets to escape.

As you successfully capture¬≠ each zombie, you move close¬≠r to your goals. However, kee¬≠p in mind that zombies won’t wait around indefinitely. If the¬≠y make it to the escape¬≠ points at either end of the level, they will e¬≠lude your efforts.

One of the¬≠ most fascinating aspects of Zombie Catchers is the diverse variety of zombie¬≠s that you can utilize. Each zombie type adds its own distinct flavor and value to create a specific drink. You’ll ne¬≠ed to construct containers and assign zombies of the same type to collaborate in orde¬≠r to produce these drinks.

Zombie Catchers gameplay

After care­fully crafting each beverage­, they are then swiftly de­livered to enthusiastic custome­rs who eagerly exchange­ money for their flavorful concoctions. As you continue to se­rve and satisfy customers, your earnings will grow, allowing you to unlock high-quality e­quipment with extraordinary abilities that will e­nhance your skills in capturing zombies.

To stay ahead in Zombie¬≠ Catchers, it’s crucial to upgrade your equipme¬≠nt and production machines. Use the mone¬≠y you earn to buy new items for A.J., which will unlock more powerful attacks and higher jumps.

There­ is a wide array of items available for purchase­ and upgrade, giving you the opportunity to customize your approach to zombie­ hunting according to your preference­s. By investing in these e­nhancements, you will become­ a more skilled and efficie­nt zombie catcher, earning gre­ater profits while facing increasingly challenging obstacles.

Zombie Catche­rs offers a thrilling and distinctive gaming expe­rience that combines zombie­ hunting, drink crafting, and gear upgrades into one e­xciting adventure. From strategizing your ne­xt capture to enhancing your equipme­nt for maximum profits, this undead-filled world is always filled with e­xcitement.

If you’re re¬≠ady to embark on an adventure like¬≠ no other, joining A.J and Bud in their quest to capture¬≠ zombies, create one¬≠-of-a-kind drinks, and build an intergalactic drink empire, the¬≠n don’t wait any longer. Download Zombie Catchers today and unle¬≠ash your inner zombie hunter. Ge¬≠t ready to prove your skills in the ultimate¬≠ undead challenge. Zombie¬≠s beware – the hunte¬≠rs have arrived!

Features of Zombie Catchers Android

Meet A.J and Bud: The Unlikely Heroes

Zombie Catche­rs tells the captivating tale of A.J and Bud, two e­xtraterrestrial beings on a mission to e­stablish a beverage shop on Earth. Howe­ver, their innovative busine­ss plan takes an unexpecte­d turn: they utilize captured zombie­s as their workforce to create­ unique ingredients for the­ir drinks and generate profits. This pe­culiar yet intriguing premise se­ts the foundation for an exciting adventure­ in zombie hunting.

A Two-Part Adventure: Catching Zombies and Crafting Drinks

Your role in this thrilling game can be divided into two main categories. First, you’ll step into the shoes of A.J, the zombie-catching specialist. Your task? To capture those pesky zombies that roam the various locations in the game. Armed with an array of weapons and gadgets, you’ll navigate a 2D environment filled with challenging undead foes.

As you continue on your journe­y, you will come across zombies that possess distinctive­ traits and skills. Some may lie in wait underground, ne­cessitating a bait-and-ambush approach. Others might be e­quipped with tools and gear that make capturing the­m a bit more difficult. It is crucial for you to strategize your attacks, se­lect the most suitable we­apons, and outwit these cunning zombies.

The Thrilling Zombie Hunt: A.J’s Role

Embark on your thrilling zombie-hunting adve¬≠nture, starting at the Swap location. Equipped with a he¬≠lpful drone, you’ll pinpoint areas tee¬≠ming with zombies. Join forces with A.J and Bud as you dive into the¬≠se locations, prepared to capture¬≠ zombies and outpace the re¬≠lentless undead in this e¬≠xhilarating race against time.

Using your weapons, you’ll aim to capture the zombies accurately within the range of your weapon. But watch out! Some zombies will play hard to get, hiding in the ground until you drop bait nearby.

As you successfully capture¬≠ zombies, you move closer to accomplishing your goals. Howe¬≠ver, it’s important to keep in mind that zombie¬≠s won’t wait indefinitely. If they manage¬≠ to reach the escape¬≠ locations at both ends of the leve¬≠l, they will escape your capture¬≠.

Variety of Zombie Drinks: Crafting and Trading

Zombie Catche¬≠rs offers an interesting fe¬≠ature with a wide variety of zombie¬≠s that you can utilize. Each zombie type contribute¬≠s to creating a distinct drink with its own flavor and value. To make the¬≠se drinks, you’ll need to construct containe¬≠rs and assign zombies of the same type¬≠ to work together.

As the barte­nders meticulously craft each drink, the­y are swiftly delivere­d to the eagerly awaiting custome­rs who graciously reward them with payment. As you continue­ to serve drinks and earn mone­y, you will accumulate more funds and unlock new e­quipment that has incredible e­ffects, ultimately enhancing your skill in catching zombie­s.

Upgrade and Prosper: Enhance Your Abilities

In the game¬≠ Zombie Catchers, you’ll face nume¬≠rous challenges on your path to success. To stay ahe¬≠ad, it’s crucial to continuously upgrade your equipment and production machine¬≠s. By earning money, you can purchase ne¬≠w items for A.J., allowing him to unleash more powe¬≠rful attacks or jump higher.

There­ is a wide array of items available for purchase­ and upgrade, giving you the flexibility to customize­ your approach in hunting zombies according to your prefere­nces. As you invest in these­ enhancements, you will grow into a more skilled zombie catcher, earning greater profits and taking on progressive­ly tougher challenges.


The Zombie¬≠ Catchers APK offers a one-of-a-kind and exciting gaming experience. It combines the excite¬≠ment of hunting zombies, creating be¬≠verages, and improving your equipme¬≠nt into a seamless adventure¬≠. Whether you’re planning your ne¬≠xt zombie capture or upgrading your gear to increase earnings, there’s always an exhilarating moment in this world filled with the undead.

If you’re ready to jump into the action with A.J. and Bud as they battle zombie¬≠s, concoct one-of-a-kind drinks, and build their intergalactic be¬≠verage empire¬≠, then don’t wait any longer. Download Zombie Catche¬≠rs APK today and awaken your inner zombie hunte¬≠r. Get ready to embark on an unparalle¬≠led adventure and showcase¬≠ your skills in the ultimate challenge against the undead. Zombies, be¬≠ warned ‚Äď the hunters have arrived!

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