dragon ball z dokkan battle mod apk
  • 5.0+
  • v5.14.0
  • 4.5
  • 12k
  • Free
  • 90 MB

Dokkan Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk is developed by Bandai Namco. As we know this publisher has previously, published many amazing games, like Dragon Ball, one-piece, Naruto and so many other interesting games. Now this company has published another great game, which is called Dokkan Mod Apk.

This game is a journey of finding seven Dragon Balls. It tells the story of San Goku’s childhood of finding seven balls. Later, the main character of the game finds his true country and place from where he originally belonged and loves to live. The main character and his friend find the evil forces. To protect the world from him. 

Information About DOKKAN BATTLE Mod Apk

UpdatedAug 22, 2023
Compatible Android 5.0+
Latest Versionv5.14.0
Size90 MB
Mod Features(God MOD, High Damage)
DeveloperBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Google PlayDownload Apk

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Mod Features of Dokkan Battle Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

In the modifie­d version of the game, playe­rs are provided with an abundance of in-game­ currency that allows them to free­ly purchase items, characters, and upgrade­s without any limitations. This unlimited access to funds greatly spe­eds up their progression and e­nables them to quickly explore­ higher-level conte­nt. However, this surplus of money may diminish the­ challenge and balance of the­ game, potentially affecting the­ sense of satisfaction derive­d from achieving milestones.

Unlimited Dragon Stones

Dragon Stones are­ considered the pre­mium currency in the game and can be­ acquired through different me­thods or by making in-app purchases. However, in the­ modded version of the game­, players have unlimited acce­ss to Dragon Stones. This gives them the­ advantage of summoning rare and powerful characte­rs, participating in premium events, and stre­ngthening their teams more­ effectively. While­ this feature adds excite­ment to obtaining coveted characte­rs, it also raises concerns about devaluing the­ in-game economy and disrupting the inte­nded progression curve.

Game Overview

If you are a pain of the Manga and anime series then you will definitely love this game and all the characters within the game. You will find almost all characters from the Manga and the anime series within the Dokkan Battle Mod Apk. Amazing right?

Thanos is the main villain of the game and the hero will fight throughout the game to eliminate him. And With so many years of gameplay, the main character has become a legendary character In the eyes of all the game players. 

dragon ball z dokkan battle unlimited dragon stones

In Dragon Ball and Dokkan battle, The player Will join hands with warriors who are engaged in the battle to protect the innocent people of the land. From the evil intention of the evil character. Match Tree. 

The game is more like a puzzle game and does not mainly focus on elements of action like an RPG, instead, it focuses mainly on solving the puzzles to take the opponents. This results in a very entertaining moment. For all the players while he enjoying the game. 

When you join the game, you will see countless spiracles and key Spears. Different colors. Now, your task is to arrange. Three key Spears of the same color to our take, on your opponents and defend your bases, and increase the power of our hero, the gameplay of this diamond diary Saga. 

As you may remember, in Diamond, Diaries Saga, we usually have to swipe the screen up the mobile to connect the same color balls in the game. During the game, each character has a unique level of power and skill associated with different keys. 

Suppose, if you are Vegeta then the damage that you can cause will increase with every yellow ball. During this process, the character will perform different types of tactics and special functions. 

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Do you want to transform yourself into Super Saiyan or use Kame Kame right?

Yes, indeed. Everything is possible when you have the right kind of key and you have a special character. 

You’ll see a lot of familiar characters within Dokkan Mod Apk like in Dragon Ball. And you can battle, you can collect different kinds of characters, and we’ll be able to unlock cards to strengthen your warriors.

dragon ball z dokkan battle unlimited money

The main hero characters of the game are Songoku, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, Android, and so many others. While the game has also legendary evil characters of Tao Pai Pai, Master Shen

If you are a lover of action-based games this might not attract you but if you are a gamer who loves to use your brain while playing games then I think this game is specially designed for you within this game you can use your mind to solve the puzzles reinforce heroes and many more.

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What to expect from this game?

Solving the puzzles appearing in the game will force the main character to gain strength and you will be able to defeat the evil characters. 

The developer of the game has this time done very well with graphics game has now the more improved quality of tropics sounds in other visual effects. the players can now enjoy smoother gameplay.

dragon ball z dokkan battle download

As you may already know that Dokkan Mod Apk is based on a cartoon character. so the developer of the game has done amazing work to animate the main characters of the game according to the original cartoon characters. They have also tried their best to make the voices similar to the original character so when you are playing this name you will not realize that you are playing a game but instead, you will see that you or watching the original cartoon-based character.

The cards within the game have been classified into normal and special ones. The SSR cards are the rare ones while the normal cards are easily available throughout your journey within this game. 

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This game is popular even now the main reason for the popularity of this game is the existence of more than 9000 special characters and amazing graphics in the amazing game stories. people around the world are playing this game on regular basis to enjoy in having fun in their free time

dragon ball z dokkan battle android

Variety of Game Modes

The game provides a variety of game modes this can be played in the story mode which we call the game story moved or also it special events can be played which will help you gain more rewards.

Play Online With Players

The game can also be played with your friends and family online all you need is just to have a good internet connection in you are good to go to play Dokkan Mod Apk online in multiplayer mode with your friends. not your friends and family but the game also provide an option for playing with strangers. play this game in multiplayer mode in the hope that you have grade gaming skills.

Our Key Tips for Newbies

If you have just started this game our main advice will be to stay calm. Initially, you will not grasp the game story and main concept but when you will start playing the game you will gradually understand how the game and the different characters within the game work and how you can work your way out to success within the game.

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