Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk v0.31.1182119 (Unlimited Crystals)

star wars galaxy of heroes mod apk
  • 4.4+
  • v 0.31.1182119
  • 4.0
  • 1.78 M
  • Free
  • 88 MB
star wars galaxy of heroes mod apk
  • 4.4+
  • v 0.31.1182119
  • 4.0
  • 1.78 M
  • Free
  • 88 MB

Turn your dream into virtual reality with the Star Wars galaxy of heroes mod apk. Relive your dream movies and enjoy the best experience of star war gaming. Your favorite heroes await you. Select and customize your desired character to make light and dark side teams. Form a squad with special abilities and fight against enemies in iconic locations.

Engage in epic combat battles and adventurous fights to conquer the galaxy. Unfold various hidden and secret landscapes to confiscate. In a battle like this, combat strategy is a must. Develop the tactics to defeat enemies and make precise strategies to direct your team to victory.

Additional Information About Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk

App NameStar Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk
UpdatedDec 5, 2022
Compatible Android 4.4+
Latest Versionv 0.31.1182119
Size88 MB
Mod Features(Unlimited Money/Character)
Google PlayDownload Apk

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Electronics art created this game with subtle graphics and super visuals that will provide a console-like gaming experience on your mobile devices. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, gamers will find themselves in online battles and adventures quest that include boss raids and much more.

star wars galaxy of heroes download

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The Gameplay of Star War Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk:

The game put forward many epic battles, squad combat, and exciting challenges for gamers to enjoy. This game will take you to the world of Holotable where you will get a chance to form the strongest team of heroes that must be undefeatable. 

Select your favorite heroes with the best attributes and strong characteristics. And make a team of light and dark-sided heroes that are ready to take control of the galaxy. All-Star Wars heroes and villains are available including the latest characters from “The Mandalorian” 

star wars galaxy of heroes latest version

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Gamers can choose up to 5 characters for the battle. Each hero has its own unique abilities, identify the abilities you require to win or pair up to unleash the strongest legend. This character will appear in the card that has to be inserted in the Holotable. After it, your character will appear on the screen. 

This is turn-based combat, you have to show your best moves in a certain time to knock off your opponent. The fight is between good and evil, who fight against each other to take charge of the galaxy. Gamers will choose their side and fight against other players to take charge.

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Highlights of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk:

We have discussed the epic gameplay of Star Wars – the galaxy of heroes. Come explore the other amusing features that game has to offer.

Build a Powerful Squad of Villian and Heroes:

Gamers will come across the massive collection of characters that present all the familiar characters from the series. You can choose from 140 characters to build your team. Each hero has its own unique ability, so spend time analyzing the strength of the character.

You should select the character that best fits your squad. Depending upon the strategy, identify what power and abilities is needed to win the game. Satr war galaxy of heroes mod apk gives freedom to join either the light or dark side. Chose side will determine the characters. Also, allows you to unleash the complementary abilities of character that will definitely give you a boost in battle.

star wars galaxy of heroes unlimited crystals

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Conquer the Galaxy with Epic Strategy:

It goes without saying, the combat strategy is of utmost necessity in the Star Wars galaxy of heroes mod apk. Adding powerful heroes to the squad is not enough. You have to develop tactical approaches based on your character and design the winning strategies to take charge of the universe.

The game allows you to participate in different game modes that provide unique gameplay every time. To annihilate the universe, engage in real-time battles with online gamers all around the globe. Or take part in squad Cantina battle for a quick fight. Participate in Squad tournaments to acquire riches.

Explore the Legends:

There are several powerful characters in Star Wars but like every other series. There are always a few legendary heroes that are unbeatable. That being said, this game also features such powerful legends for its gamers. 

These heroes have devastating abilities and one-hit kill powers that everybody wants. You can also add them in your team. Incredible heroes like grand master Yoda, Hemit Yoda, General Kenobi, and much more will be at your disposal.

Discover Various Planets:

The game offers several locations that are yet to be discovered. You can travel planet after planet to defeat different enemies around the universe. The options are limitless, discover the exotic planets and experience the best gameplay.

Fight in Epic Wars and Defeat Filthy Bosses:

Traveling to different planets will you a chance to encounter powerful bosses. In the mission-based gameplay, you have to defeat the powerful enemies around the universe to proceed in the game. The universe is filled with nasty monsters that are ready to start a war. You will participate in the epic wars so make sure to bring the best heroes to the holo table.

star wars galaxy of heroes unlimited everything

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Command Ship Battles:

Star wars never fail to surprise its gamer with unique gameplay. That being said, you can take command of a battleship in the game. Not to mention, every battleship comes with unique power and abilities. In the beginning, abilities will limit and gamers have to upgrade them to unlock their potential. Famous battleships like Millennium Falcon and Capital ships are available for Gamers. You don’t have to operate it, it will automatically travel in space. You will find yourself in a space war that is quite challenging that takes a strong skill set to survive.

Build Massive Guild System:

In addition to tournament and PvP battles, players can also participate in the guild system. Here you have to make your territory and expand it to the fullest. Build your territory and engage in the territory war. Invite your online friends to protect them from enemies and make them stronger. You can acquire rival territory in war to expand your region

Graphics and Sound:

The 3d graphics and incredible visuals greatly contribute to its success. The game features amusing colorful graphics and the characters are designed to perfection. Your backgrounds are delicately designed. The game features all characters of Star Wars with their special moves that give it a realistic touch.

The soundtrack is effective and soothing. That actually intrigues your excitement with the story. It continuously runs in the background to keep you hooked. Gamers will also experience the voice dialogues of characters that will definitely impress you.

Enjoy the Star War Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk Features:

The games have a lot of characters, ships, and weapons that are necessary to play but their abilities are limited. You have to upgrade everything with either currency and rewards collected in the game or with real money. No to mention, scoring or acquiring rewards is quite challenging. It will take a lot of hard work to unlock your favorite character. 

We are here to put you at ease, Apkfelx provides the mod version of the game that is completely safe and free to download. The mod apk, provides unlimited resources for the game that makes your gameplay much easier and fun. You will get the following resources for free.

Characters Unlocked – At the beginning, you only get heroes with average skill sets. You have to work with these and compete against strong players. Honestly, this isn’t quite fair. Specifically, when you are playing online with gamers. You definitely need powerful heroes to compete with opponents. All characters are unlocked for you to choose your desired hero.

Unlimited Experience Points – These points are earned by battling against enemies or winning tournaments. Points can be used to upgrade the player and their skills. In mod apk, you will get unlimited points to unleash your hero’s full potential. I would recommend, not using this feature in online games because the opponent would sense it. Use it in story mode or in-game battles.

Unlimited Credit – It is the best feature of the star war galaxy of heroes mod apk, Credits are required to unlock the character, and upgrade the ships and stats. You have to participate in battles or tournaments to win the scores and credit which is quite hard. Get unlimited credit to do all this. Another fun part is, it is undetectable. The opponent players will never know how you are getting all these powerful items.

Free Shopping – The game has an in-app purchase option in it. You can buy crustal, data card and many other things. Now buy it for free with the star war mod apk.


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk is an exciting role-playing game with an amusing storyline that allows you to experience the real series in the 3d version. Here you can control your favorite character and make a powerful team based on your abilities. Engage in different battles, tournaments, and wars to enjoy it to the fullest. I am certain, Star Wars fans will definitely love this game. 

This article delivers comprehensive details of the star war game. I hope you find it beneficial and learn the amazing game features. If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to comment it. I would love to hear from you.

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